Usher in spring with a pretty crown of realistic blooms that are surprisingly easy to create using baking cups.

By Amanda Kingloff; Photos by Adam Albright and Jason Donnelly
cupcake liner flower crown craft

This handmade spring flower crown won't wilt once the party's over! Using two paper cups for each flower, you just fold, trim, and tape. Create as many flowers as desired, then glue them to a wire ring. Thanks to colorful cupcake liners, these bold blooms are just as beautiful as the real thing. This would be an awesome craft for during a birthday party — Look for value packs of baking cups in stores or online. You'll get a variety of colors and patterns for mix-and-match options.

How to Make a Cupcake Liner Flower Crown

What You Need:

  • Mini and regular-size baking cups: assorted pink, yellow, peach, green
  • Green washi tape
  • Twine-covered wire
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Step-by-Step Instructions

Making this flower crown requires little effort or mess for pretty realistic results. This how-to could also be used to make flower garlands and more.

create petals and apply washi tape

Step 1: Make the Flowers

Stack two same-size baking cups. Fold the cups in half, then fold the half in thirds. Cut the edges of the folded paper cup into short waves or rounded scallops. Cut along the pleats of the folded cup as desired to create petals, leaving the flat center of the cups intact.

Roll the folded cup into a cone, then separate the petals by gently bending each one back. Finally, secure the folded end with washi tape. Repeat to make an assortment of large and small flowers.

hot-glue flowers to twine

Step 2: Attach to Ring

Cut a piece of twine-covered wire to fit around your child's head. Twist the ends together to make a ring for the crown. Hot-glue the flowers to the ring in a cluster at the front. Cut a few leaf shapes from green baking cups, and hot-glue them around the outside edges of the flower cluster. Cover any exposed wires with washi tape before your child wears it.


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