Free-form flowers look lovely clustered around a centerpiece or spread around each place setting.

crepe paper flowers

This craft turns petals crafted from heavyweight crepe paper into gorgeous blooms in every color. Assembly is easy — just glue layers of petals to a cardstock base. You can display flowers in any arrangement you like, as an art piece on the wall or as a centerpiece on your table.

What You Need

  • Heavyweight crepe paper (180 gram): assorted colors
  • Cardstock: assorted colors to match flowers
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow our simple DIY instructions to turn crepe paper into gorgeous flowers in minutes.

cutting crepe paper

Step 1: Cut Crepe Paper Petals

Cut three 1–1 1/2"-wide strips from crepe paper. Fold one strip in half lengthwise, then cut 10 large half-petal shapes along the folded edge that are approximately 3" long. You can cut your petals with rounded or pointed ends, depending on the look you prefer.

Repeat Step 2 with remaining crepe paper strips, cutting seven or eight medium petals from one strip and five or six small petals from the third strip. Maintain the petal shape for each petal size. The more petals you cut, the more layers your flower can have.

crepe paper flower petal

Step 2: Shape Petals

Grasp the base of a petal between your thumb and index finger, and carefully stretch the petal to cup the lower half. Do not overstretch, or the petal will lose its shape. Repeat with all petals.

arranging crepe paper flower petals

Step 3: Craft a Flower

Cut a 3" circle from cardstock. Hot-glue the large petals to the outside of the circle with each petal curving up. Hot-glue medium petals on top of the first, offsetting and overlapping with the large petals. Repeat layering petals, using the small petals on top. If you have extra petals, add more layers.

creating crepe paper flower centers
adding glue to crepe paper flower center

Step 4: Create Flower Center

To make a fringed center, cut a 1 1/4 x 8"-long strip of crepe paper. Make 3/4" cuts about 1/4" apart through half of the strip to make fringe. Starting at one end of the strip, roll the fringe, then hot-glue to the center of the flower.

Tear off a small piece of crepe paper and roll it into a 1/2" ball. Tear off a second small piece of crepe paper, and wrap it around the ball; secure with glue on the bottom. Hot-glue ball to the center of the flower.


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