Crafty Gift Wrap for All Occasions

Special presents require special presentation. Enjoy quick gift-wrap projects for all gift-giving occasions.

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    Coordinating Gift Tins

    Use a variety of tins -- even a clean paint can -- to give teas, coffees, or seeds. Attach decorative paper to the sides and lids using spray adhesive. Customize labels by printing text on the computer. Use rope or other notions to tie tins together.

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    Monogram Gift

    Personalize wrapped gifts with a decorated chipboard monogram letter. Paint or glitter the letter to coordinate with wrapping paper and ribbon.

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    Unexpected Embellishments

    Add an unexpected touch to the top and sides of your box. A beaded napkin ring holds a blue bow; a glass drawer pull is screwed through the lid of a box; and a wall hook with a ceramic rose secures a tag. Play with patterned papers or make your own. Wrap a box with a sewing pattern and embroidery floss. Scan a handwritten letter into your home computer and print it on pastel-color paper.

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    Candy Bar Pouch

    Turn a pocket envelope into a gift holder -- it's the perfect size for a candy bar! Wrap two ribbons around the middle of the envelope. Add flower embellishments in coordinating colors to dress it up.

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    All Doilied Up

    Dig out doilies from your cupboard the next time you're wrapping presents. Layer them for a fun display or create a bow by folding a doily and gluing to the top of the box.

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    Fun Felt Flower

    Cut multiple flower shapes from felt. Punch holes in the middle. Layer the flowers on top of each other and stick a colorful brad through the middle to hold together. Use hot glue to attach the flower to the top of a present. Add a printed greeting in coordinating colors.

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    Trinket Gift Box

    Repurpose a mint tin as a box for a gift card or small trinket. Paint the tin. Cut lengths of decorative paper to wrap around it. Adhere the paper at the back of the tin. Cut a length of ribbon and adhere. Glue a chipboard shape on top, and add a small stamped monogram tag for extra personality.

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    Bottle Gift Tags

    Fashion last-minute gift tags for wine bottles. Print clip art and text on cardstock. Fold one-third the length from the top. Cut a circle above the fold to fit over the bottle's neck. For further personalization, wrap bottles in decorative paper. Tie ribbon near the top.

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    Wrapped Flowerpot

    A quick wrap of decorative paper dresses up a simple cylinder planted with bulbs or filled with cut flowers. Pinked edges, a bit of ribbon, and a tag make the gift extra special.

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    Flower Bows

    Lush living "bows" can top gift boxes. Slip the stem of a ruffled rose or peony through the top of a woven box (or a slit cut in a paper box) and into a water-filled florist's pick inside. Add ribbon to finish the look.

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    Double-Wrapped Gifts

    Add layers of wrapping paper to a present for a wrap job that looks sophisticated but is oh-so easy. Wrap the present with a solid-color wrapping paper. Then add a strip of bright patterned paper in the middle. Tie a colorful bow from raffia to finish the look.

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    Simple White Containers

    Find beauty in simplicity by using plain white containers. Add purposeful little touches with colorful twine and coordinating ribbon. Handwrite messages on various labels. Tie a bit of fresh evergreen or other seasonal plant or flower to complete the look.

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    Take Flight

    Feathers are in right now! Dress up simple wrapped presents with peacock feathers adhered with hot glue. Let them lay flat or loop them for a dimensional flourish.

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    Decorated Gift Wrap

    Decorate plain white gift wrap. Pull out watercolor paints, crayons, and markers for you or the kids to use. Let the design dry before wrapping. Tie gifts with pretty ribbon and customized tags.

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    Multipatterned Wrapping

    For visual appeal, wrap the lid of a box and its bottom in different wrapping paper or decorative paper. For this gift we used polka-dot decorative paper on the bottom and a pretty lettered wrapping paper for the lid. A coordinating ribbon ties them together.

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    Easy-to-Sew Reusable Gift Bag

    Use fabric of any pattern to create a personalized gift bag. It's even eco-friendly because the gift recipient can reuse it again and again.

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    Scrappy Wrapping

    Use leftover yarn instead of ribbon or bows. Wrap yarn around the gift multiple times and tie in a bow on top.

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    Round Gift Tin

    Wrap a tin in decorative paper and a bright ribbon. Cover the inside of the lid for an added surprise. Write a clever phrase on an adhesive label and stick on top of the ribbon and paper.

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    Muted Elegance

    Dress up presents with pretty papers in green and silver. Tie velvet or sheer bows around the present for the look of luxury. For an extra touch, add sparkling costume jewelry, feathers, or felt flowers.

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    Frilly Ribbon Embellishments

    Make one-of-a-kind gift tags using ribbon. Cut and loop lengths of ribbon; adhere to packages with fabric glue. Attach monogrammed tags fashioned with crafts punches.

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    Quick Decorated Gift Box

    Create a snazzy gift box with a few quick steps. Use a die-cutting tool or purchase words and designs. Adhere one flower cutout on top of another and use a brad for the flower center. Attach the flower to a plain gift box. Add other designs and salutations.

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    Ribbon with Buttons

    Leftover buttons? Sew coordinating buttons to a piece of plain ribbon for a punch of color. Wrap around a gift box, securing the ends in back.

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    Adorned Gift Bags

    Gift bags are a staple for the time-crunched, and just as easy to adorn as they are to fill. We dressed up a pink bag with strips of wavy felt from a crafts store tacked on with a decorative brad. A snippet of a vintage postcard becomes a tag and is attached to a red sack using a vintage earring.

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    Jeweled Box

    Some boxes are just too pretty to toss. Cover any labels or blank surfaces by spraying adhesive on decorative paper. Using an awl, punch a hole in the center of the box top. Add an eyelet. Fold a length of cord in half and make an overhand knot at the folded end. String gems onto a head pin for making jewelry. Run the end of the head pin through the knot, bend it back on itself, and trim away any excess. Run the other end of the cord through the hole in the box lid. Knot the cord on the back of the lid so the fob dangles at the desired length.

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    Matching Gift Tag

    Pair a complementary gift tag with the gift wrap. Write the recipient's name on a die-cut shape for a tag and attach with pretty ribbon.

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    Creative Gift Tag

    Find creative ways to make and attach gift tags. Use varying kinds of paper to cut out custom shapes. Play with different ways of lettering names and messages. Glue tiny rhinestones for extra sparkle. Try a fun paper clip hooked through a bow to attach a tag.

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    Super Quick Gifts to Make

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