Pretty Wine Wraps to Craft

Perfect Pairing of Wine and Crackers
This holiday season, make a wine lover's dream come true with a bottle presented in one of these beautiful (and easy) wraps.

Cool, Classy Wine Wrap

A wine caddy can be dressed up or down depending on your painted design. This sophisticated silk rendition can include hot-glued or sewn seams, pinking-sheared edges, and stamped initials and crest. Acrylic paint is brushed onto a stamp, then gently applied to the fabric. A silk-ribbon tie and coordinating flower hug any bottle with warmth and affection.

Red Nose Reindeer Wine Accent

Wine decorations don't have to be elaborate. This idea is simple, but is sure to get a laugh from guests. With red pom-pom nose and chenille stem antlers, any animal on a label can masquerade as Rudolph.

Cheerful Stamped Wine Wraps

This wine wrap works well for any occasion. Wrap a bottle in kraft paper and a piece of off-white fabric. Secure the wrap with a piece of purple cording and a label stamped with the word "cheers."

Knitted Wine Bag

The bright red yarn and swirling pattern accentuate the handcrafted look of this knitted wine wrap. Fun pom-poms are the perfect way to tie up wine in this cherished wrap.

Bold Striped Wine Wrap

Dress up a bottle by taping on a tall collar of striped cardstock or wrapping paper. Tie on a decorative stopper with polka-dot ribbon.

Editor's Tip: A crisp diagonal stripe brings together the colors of Christmas old and new.

Festive Felt Wine Wrap

Keep your wine snug with this cozy wine wrap. Use store-bought felt and sew the edges together with red thread to make a rectangle large enough for a wine bottle. Cut an oval shape in the side so the bottle can stick its neck through. Add a handle to the top with a cut oval and a punched star shape in a green felt circle to finish this wrap.

Lovely Lavender Wine Wrap

Make your wine wrap pop with bright purples and a bold snowflake cutout. Purple tissue paper is held in place around a wine bottle with crimped tan paper taped in place. Punch a snowflake from light purple paper and layer it on top of the crimped paper for a pretty accent. A matching snowflake punch attached to the top of the bottle with wire finishes the look.

Simply Sophisticated Wine Wrap

A touch of green on the wine wrap instantly transforms a plain jute bag into a seasonal decoration. Wrap the wine in the bag and hold closed with a rubber band. Insert eye hooks into corks and tie them on a piece of twine to add wine accents to the bag. Ivy wrapped around the neck is a beautiful finish.

Cozy Wine Wrap

Save sleeves of old sweaters to dress up holiday bottles. Turn under raw edges of sleeves and cinch with yarn around the bottles' necks. For extra seasonal color, stick a holly sprig in the bottle before tying it tight.

Sweet Wine Label

When you bring wine to a holiday gathering, label it with your own opinion of the wine's taste for a personalized contribution. Wrap a ribbon around the bottle and use clear adhesive to keep in place. Attach a punched label with bright rickrack and your own name for the wine on patterned paper.

Accented Wine Collars

Send a message and personalize your gift of wine. Cut rectangles from colored paper and punch a hole on one side to slip the wine neck onto. Embellish with catchy printed phrases and metal embellishments.

Rustic Corkscrew Bags

We'll drink to these charmingly rustic gift bags, each branded with a different antique corkscrew design. Make them a gift on their own, or use each bag to wrap a wine bottle for your hostess. Print an antique corkscrew picture on iron-on transfer paper. Follow directions to transfer the picture to a jute or burlap bag. Tie the bag closed with twine.

Get Digital Holiday Wine Wrap

Dress up a bottle of wine or sparkling cider with custom labels and tags that you can print in minutes. Design a holiday print and merry wishes on your computer. Print the labels on matte photo paper for best results, and attach them using permanent adhesive to keep the corners from curling. Tags get pretty accents with festive ribbon.

Yummy Food Accent

Choose your favorite bottle of white wine and remove the label. Create your own holiday label on a computer; print and attach label to bottle. Place crackers inside a paper baking cup and set the liner inside a cellophane bag. Tie the bag shut with a ribbon and attach to the top of bottle.

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