Easy Crafts Using Washi Tape

washi tape
Take your decor from drab to fab with the lively colors and fun patterns of washi tape.

Play with Washi Tape

Washi tape is booming in popularity and availability, but what to do with it? Get creative with these inspiring ideas.

Cool Journal Cover

Washi tape for dimensional embellishments? Yes, you can!
To make the flower on this journal cover, adhere five strips of washi tape close together on a piece of cardstock to create “tape paper” for punching. Punch three or four flowers from the tape paper, layer the pieces, and then fasten them in the center with a brad.

Creative Keyboard

Work doesn’t have to be mundane when you have a rainbow at your fingertips. To cover your keyboard’s keys with washi tape, lay transparent glossy paper over the keyboard and trace the keys onto the paper. Adhere washi tape to the tracings, trim the excess, remove the tape, and press onto the keys.

Punched Up Mug

Punch up a plain white mug with a border of patterned washi tape circles. Wax paper, an assortment of tapes, and circle punches are all you need.

Stylish Office Supplies

Give plain white office accessories a jolt of color with strips of washi tape. Adhere pieces to the surfaces and trim the edges to fit. Play with overlapping tape to allow a bit of show-through. Cut strip ends at angles and match them up with other angled strips to create chevrons.

Hip Bulletin Board

Crisscross lengths of double-faced washi tape to serve as a ribbonlike lattice on a piece of corkboard. Secure the tape at each intersection with a thumbtack. Finish the look with a painted frame.

Chargers with Style

Give your phone, tablet, or MP3 player chargers personality with strips of washi tape. Overlap strips of tape around the charger head, and trim the excess flush with the edges. Make flags by wrapping short strips around the cord and trimming the ends into triangles.

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