Textured Rug

Toss this oh-so-soft rug anywhere you want to wiggle your toes in comfort. Sew T-shirt strips to a canvas backing; then let the strips flop over each other for a plush effect.

Canvas String Pencil Masking tape Straight pins Sewing machine Heavy-duty sewing machine needle T-shirts (number of shirts needed depends on desired size of rug) Rotary cutter and acrylic ruler

Assemble the Rug

1. Determine desired size of rug. Finished rug shown is 2 feet in diameter. To draw a circle, tie string to a pencil, adjusting length to desired diameter and adding 1" to all sides for border. Attach end of string to canvas using masking tape. While holding string taut, draw circle on canvas. Cut out circle. 2. Fold edge of canvas under 1"; pin. Insert heavy-duty needle in sewing machine. Adjust settings on your sewing machine to accommodate heavyweight fabric. Sew folded edge in place.

3. Referring to M.I.Y. T-Shirt Yarn (below), cut T-shirts into 2"-wide strips. Due to large quantity of strips needed for this project, we recommend cutting strips with a rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler. Cut each strip 6" long.

4. Fold one T-shirt strip in half crosswise so it measures 1×6". Starting on left side of canvas, place center of folded strip just inside border. Sew strip to canvas across center of strip. Without removing canvas from sewing machine, add second strip, butting it up close to first strip. Sew across center of strip. Continue adding and sewing strips to outer edge of canvas until entire outer edge is covered. Anchor end of stitching and trim thread ends.

5. Continue adding strips in concentric rings working toward inside of canvas. When entire canvas is covered, shake rug and use hand to brush strips outwards over rug edge.

M.I. Y. T-Shirt Yarn

1. Cut across front of T-shirt just below armpits; save top for a future project. Cut off bottom hemmed edge; discard strip.

2. Cut 2" wide strips beginning at one side seam and ending approximately 1" before opposite side seam.

3. Open uncut side seam; finger-press. Cut diagonally across seam (from strip one on right to strip two on left) to connect every other strip and make one long continuous strip.


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