Scallop Bunting Banner

It's time to celebrate! Swag this happy-go-lucky scallop banner to get the party started.


Five to nine 8×16" pieces of assorted coordinating fabrics  Rotary cutter Acrylic ruler Straight pins 3 yards double-fold seam binding Matching sewing thread

Finished Banner: Approximately 8-1⁄2' long with nine scallops. Fabrics are 44/45"-wide. Sew with 1⁄4" seam allowances and right sides together.

Assemble the Banner

1. Trace half-circle pattern, download link below, onto a sheet of folded white paper; cut out and unfold for full template. Cut one 8×16" fabric piece in half to make two 8" squares. Lay circle template on wrong side of one 8" fabric square. Trace around template with a pencil. Pin squares together with right sides together and traced circle on top. 2. Join pieces by machine-stitching on drawn line, overlapping beginning and ending stitches to complete circle. Sew slowly to ensure circle has no bumps or points. Trim fabric 1⁄8" outside stitched line. 3. Fold circle in half; crease. Cut along crease with rotary cutter and acrylic ruler to create two half- circles or scallops. Turn scallops right side out, using your finger to poke out curve. Press edge with iron to get a perfect curved edge. 4. Repeat steps 1 through 4 with remaining 8×16" fabric pieces to make a total of nine scallops. 5. Open double-fold seam binding on work surface. Place first scallop 14" from one end, positioning scallop so top edge meets inner fold of seam binding; pin. Continue pinning scallops to tape, spacing each one 1-1⁄2" apart. 6. Using matching sewing thread and beginning 1" from end of binding, stitch a 1⁄8" seam along open edge, securing each scallop as you sew length of binding. Sew 14" past last scallop, and backstitch at end before trimming thread. Trim binding ends at an angle.

Get the Scallop Bunting Banner circle pattern here.


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