Pom-Pom Gift Topper

Give a cheer for smashing pom-poms that make great package tie-ons. Use T-shirt yarn rather than traditional yarn to give them extra fluff.


t-shirt pom-poms on packages

Old T-shirt (one shirt makes one pom-pom) Compass or dessert plate and camera lens cap (or any small disklike object) Cardboard Crafts knife

Assemble the Pom-Pom

Trace two 6-1⁄2" circles onto cardboard using compass. Trace two 2-1⁄2" circles inside the 6-1⁄2" circles using same center point.

Note: If you don't have a compass, trace dessert plate for outer circle and camera lens cap (or substitute) for inner circle. Cut along lines using crafts knife. Cut a small wedge from each circle template.

craft T-shirt

1. Cut across front of T-shirt just below armpits; save top for a future project. Cut off bottom hemmed edge; discard strip.

cut strips in t-shirt

2. Cut 1/2" wide strips beginning at one side seam and ending approximately 1" before opposite side seam.

cut one continuous strip

3. Open uncut side seam; finger-press. Cut diagonally across seam (from strip one on right to strip two on left) to connect every other strip and make one long continuous strip.

wrap fabric strips around templates

4. Sandwich a short T-shirt strip between two cardboard circles (shown by dotted line) with a wedge cut from each circle; let tails hang. Wrap yarn strips around templates.

craft T-shirt

5. Add two more layers of strips. Tie yarn tails from sandwiched strip together in a single knot.

cut fabric outside of template

6. Cut wrapped strips at edge of templates using scissors. Pull tails tightly; tie into a double knot. Remove templates.

trim pom-pom edges even

7. Sandwich pom-pom between two 4-1/2"-diameter cardboard circles. Trim pom-pom edges even; remove cardboard, and fluff pom-pom.

craft T-shirt

8. Stretch long T-shirt strip to curl under side edges. Wrap T-shirt yarn around package two or three times; knot. Tie pom-pom onto yarn.


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