Letter-Perfect Wreath

Let your personality shine with accordion-folded felt in your favorite colors and a glittered wooden monogram that dangles in the center.


10-gauge wire and wire cutters Rotary cutter and cutting mat Acrylic felt: orange,yellow, pink, and fuchsia Scrap of cardstock 1⁄16" hole punch Fine-tip marker

Assemble the Wreath

1. Cut wire to 30" long. Shape wire into a circle, leaving wire ends unattached.      2. Cut felt into 1×12" strips with rotary cutter on cutting mat. You will need approximately 42 strips total. 3. Trim a 1×12" strip from cardstock. Punch a hole 1" from one end of strip; then punch holes every 2" along center of strip. The last hole will end up being 1" from opposite end of strip. 4. Using punched cardstock strip as a template, lay it on top of one felt strip. Mark each hole on felt strip using a fine-tip marker. Mark holes in same manner on all felt strips. 5. Beginning at a hole on one end of felt strip, thread strip onto wire circle. Accordion-fold strip between each hole and continue threading strips through all holes. Keep adding felt strips to wire circle in same manner until all strips are added. 6. Twist wire ends together with pliers. Twist felt strips randomly for a ruffled effect.


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