Kusadama Globes

Similar to origami, kusadama is a paper-folding craft. By joining identical folded paper shapes, you can make stunning three-dimensional spheres.

1. Fold a 5" square in half diagonally.

2. With folded edge toward you, fold both corners up into a triangle so points meet at top.

3. Fold inside of each triangle back so folded triangle edge is even with outside edge of square underneath.

4. Turn piece around and insert finger into folded triangles to expand and flatten into diamonds.

5. Turn piece over and tuck each small triangle into diamond below so edges are flush.

6. Turn piece over.

7. Fold left-hand and right-hand corners in along crease lines to make a square.

8. Place a line of fast-drying paper glue on top of one folded flap.

9. Bend square to bring folded flaps together into a petal shape. Hold for a few seconds to allow glue to set.

10. Run a line of glue along short side of petal.

11. Glue five short petal sides together to make a flower. Glue 12 flowers together to make a globe.


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