Having-a-Ball Globes

These pom-poms are to dye for! Once drab and boring, paper doilies get a makeover with food coloring and three-dimensional layering.


Eight same-size paper doilies (for each ball) Shallow dish large enough to accommodate largest paper doily Food coloring Disposable gloves (optional) Paper towel Glue stick Transparent nylon thread

Assemble the Globes

1. Cover work surface with newspaper. Add a thin layer of water to shallow dish. Mix several squirts of food coloring to water. Mixture will appear much darker than final dyed doily color. 2. To avoid staining fingers, wear disposable gloves. Submerge doily in mixture for 10 seconds. Remove doily and lay it flat on a paper towel. Cover with a second paper towel and press to remove excess water; let doily dry. Repeat Step 2 to make a total of eight same-size dyed doilies for each ball. 3. Fold each dry doily in half. Adhere back sides of doilies together in a stack using glue stick. Glue top and bottom flaps of stack together to form a ball. Fan out each flap evenly. 4. Thread a length of transparent nylon thread through top of doily ball, and tie ends into a knot for a hanging loop.


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