Dimensional Globes

With a little creative folding, paper circles turn into faceted globes.


Assorted patterned papers Solid cardstock: white and assorted colors Scoring tool Glue sticks Three metal jump rings Wire mobile hanger

Assemble the Globes

1. Using a light table or sunny window, trace each circle pattern, download link below, onto white cardstock, and transfer dashed lines onto patterns; cut out circles.

Get the Dimensional Globes circle pattern here. 2. Trace each template 20 times onto assorted patterned papers and cardstock. Cut out all circles.  

3. Fold three edges of each template in toward center of circle along dashed lines to make a triangle. Lay folded triangle template on top of each corresponding patterned-paper or cardstock circle, and fold in edges of circle, using folded template as a guide (photo above). Separate each set of folded circles into one pile of 10 and two piles of five.

4. Referring to photo, above, glue five folded circles together to make a globe top. Repeat with remaining five folded circles to make a globe bottom.

5. Glue 10 remaining folded circles together in one long row (photo above).

6. Glue first and last folded circles together to make a ring (photo above).

7. Glue globe top to top of ring and globe bottom to bottom of ring to complete one globe. 8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 with matching folded circles to make two more globes. 9. Hot-glue a jump ring to top of each globe for a hanging loop. Hang each globe from a wire mobile hanger.


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