Confetti Strip Garland

Give this decoration a whirl. Vibrant, chain-stitched paper strips spin and twirl as bright and breezy party garlands or just for fun.

Lightweight paper: assorted solid colors Paper trimmer Sewing machine Sewing thread: white

Assemble the Garland

1. Cut 1×8-centimeter strips from colored papers. As a sewing guideline, use a pencil to lightly mark center of each strip. 2. Plan arrangement of colored strips by laying them out on a flat surface. Arrangement can be random or in a pattern. 3. Set sewing machine stitch length to 3.0–3.5. Sew through center of one strip along guideline. When finished stitching through strip, immediately feed a second strip through machine. Continue feeding strips one after another through machine and stitching through centers until the garland reaches desired length. 4. Leave a 12"-long thread tail for hanging.


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