Cascading Circles Mobile

This mobile is all grown up. Modern spheres in a graduating monochromatic color scheme add instant drama to a room. Use circle punches or a die-cutting machine to make quick and easy work of cutting the circles.


Double-sided cardstock in eight shades of one color or other assorted colors Cricut Design Studio die-cutting machine (optional) Circle punches: 3", 2-1⁄2", 2", 1-1⁄2", and 1" (optional) 2-millimeter hole punch/eyelet setter (such as Fiskars Hole Punch and Eyelet Setter) 52—7-millimeter jump rings 16—9-millimeter jump rings 2—12"-long wooden dowels Clear fishing line Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Assemble the Mobile

1. Using either a Cricut die-cutting machine or circle punches, cut the following from cardstock: 4—3" circles, color 1 4—2-1⁄2" circles, color 1 4—2-1⁄2" circles, color 2 4—2" circles, color 2 8—2" circles, color 3 4—2" circles, color 4 4—1-1⁄2" circles, color 4 8—1-1⁄2" circles, color 5 4—1-1⁄2" circles, color 6 4—1" circles, color 6 8—1" circles, color 7 4—1" circles, color 8 2. Use hole punch/eyelet setter to punch holes on tops and bottoms of colors 1 through 7 circles. Punch a hole at tops only of color 8 circles. 3. Chain circles together using 7-millimeter jump rings in following order:

Long Chain: 3" circle, color 1 2-1⁄2" circle, color 2 2" circle, color 3 2" circle, color 4 1-1⁄2" circle, color 5 1-1⁄2" circle, color 6 1" circle, color 7 1" circle, color 8

Short Chain: 2-1⁄2" circle, color 1 2" circle, color 2 2" circle, color 3 1-1⁄2" circle, color 4 1-1⁄2" circle, color 5 1" circle, color 6 1" circle, color 7   You will have four long chains of eight circles and four short chains of seven circles. Attach two 9-millimeter jump rings to top of each chain. 4. Hot-glue two dowels together to create an X. Slide 9-millimeter jump rings for each chain onto dowel rods, arranging one long chain near center of X on each dowel. Slide a long chain onto end of each dowel. Place a dab of hot glue at each jump ring to keep chains from sliding on dowels. 5. Tie a length of fishing line to center of dowel rods, and tie on a loop for hanging.


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