Beautiful DIY Flower Crafts

Garden-inspired and forever fresh, this collection of pretty flower projects is easy to cultivate. No weeding required!

Strung Together

Perk up the edge of a shelf with a simple crochet-flower garland. Make each lacy flower using cotton yarn in bright colors, then join the flowers to a simple chain-stitched chain.

Wrapped Flowers

Plant a garden of colorful blooms by embellishing punched flower shapes with baker's twine

Making the Rounds

Create your own take on distinctive ornamental allium blossoms using dip-dyed cotton swabs and plastic-foam balls to make these shapely purple flower heads.

Natural Wonders

Replace seeds, water, and sunshine with embroidery floss, perle cotton, and linen to create an embroidery hoop duo featuring lavender stalks and a wispy crop of dandelions.

Sweet Sequels

No watering necessary with this book-page bouquet. For the beautiful, vibrant flowers in the bouquet, use a watercolor wash (mix watercolor paint with water) to paint cast-off pages from old novels.

Floral Finery

Carnations are a florist's staple, and these fabric renditions are just as cheery as their organic counterparts. Each bloom on this necklace consists of imperfect fabric circles that are tightly packed together and glued to a felt backing that's finished with a chain.

A Head Above

Sweet and simple in lazy daisies and cross-stitches, this felt headband attaches to an elastic headband.

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Instead of red roses, arrange a cheerful bunch of frilly paper blooms. To make, create a loop at the end of a piece of florist's wire. Stack two mini cupcake liners and three regular-size liners, and use a needle to make a small hole in the center of each liner. String a mini cupcake liner through the bottom of the looped florist's wire. Add a bit of gel adhesive to the loop; push liner up and gather it at the center, adhering it to the glue. Repeat with remaining cupcake liners, gathering over the first. Wrap the stem with florist's tape.

Stylized Bloom

Pretty in pink and bursting with stitch goodness, this funky blossom comes to life with rings of highly textured embroidery.

Mums the Word

Top off your look with a ribbon belt trimmed with a trio of felt flowers. Each flower is made from a fringed felt strip that's been rolled and glued to a length of grosgrain ribbon.

Bottled Up

Put empty plastic water bottles in the spotlight by shaping them into an assortment of contemporary flowers, spray-painting the petals, and adhering them to the outside of a paper-globe lantern.

All in Knots

Clusters of French knots in graduating shades of orange give a large covered button an ombré effect in the center of a velvet brooch.

Pretty Paper Flowers

Craft flowers that last with pretty paper. First, remove a silk flower head from the stem. Wrap the stem with double-sided tape. Wind bias binding around the stem and secure the end with hot glue. Print the petal pattern (link below). Trace each shape five times on the wrong side of wallpaper. Cut out the shapes. Print the leaf pattern and trace three times on the wrong side of wallpaper (we used a different design for the leaves). Cut out the shapes. Beginning with the smallest petals, wrap one petal around the end of the stem, securing with hot glue. Continue layering and gluing petals, trimming as needed, and overlapping petals as you work outward. Use the largest petals on the outside of the flower. Hot glue three leaves along the stem and hot glue a green bead to the center of the flower.

Easy Paper Lotus Flower

These lotus flowers are perfect for livening up home decor. Use our step-by-step instructions to craft one from three sheets of colored paper, a few bits of yarn, and a rubber band -- in about 10 minutes.

Wool Flower Pincushions

Love to work with wool? Bring garden-fresh blooms to any sewing table with folk art wool pincushions that you can stitch in an afternoon.

Twirly Flower Ring

When doesn't a flower make the perfect accessory? We love this fun and feminine crochet flower for its versatility--wear it as a ring, as a brooch, or on a headband.

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