2-Hour Projects

From sewing projects to paper crafts, these easy projects are perfect for a weekend afternoon.

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Beautiful DIY Flower Crafts

Garden-inspired and forever fresh, this collection of pretty flower projects is easy to cultivate. No weeding required!
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Easy Crafts with Photos

Photo crafts make terrific gifts or wonderful personal accents for a home. Never use original photos in crafts projects. Instead, scan and print copies on your home equipment or take your photos to a copy shop for those services.
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Decorate with Handmade Wreaths

Enjoy crafted wreaths made from natural elements and crafts store finds.
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Stylish DIY Project Ideas

Whether you want to save money, personalize your home, or just satisfy your crafting itch, these do-it-yourself projects are a great way to put your mark on your home.
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More 2-Hour Projects

Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids

Stuck inside? Keep the kids entertained with these easy and fun crafts perfect for a rainy or snowy day!
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Decorate with Paper

Add a splash of color and style to your decor with decorative paper. Use paper to enhance wall art, lamps, pillows, serving trays, and more.
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