Quick and Easy Gifts for Family

Make a perfectly personalized gift in a snap. These sweet and simple ideas are sure to impress any member of your family.

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    Pretty Romance Album

    Turn a plain photo album into something you can cherish. Add a screen print, ribbon, and a few embellishments to complete the look.

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    Personalized Gift Card Holder

    Add a special touch to gift cards: Place them in embellished tins. Cut decorative paper to fit the top of a tin, then add die-cut letters or decorative stickers.

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    Picture-Perfect Steel Frames

    Steel backings paired with decorative magnets make swapping photos easy in these pretty tabletop frames. Cover galvanized steel frames with patterned paper and decoupage medium, then embellish with craft supplies. Glue a small acrylic sheet frame to the bottom edge of the back of the frame to act as a base. Use magnets to hold photos in place on the front.

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    Multipurpose Decorative Blocks

    This creative craft is three gifts in one! The blocks are actually sturdy, unfinished cardboard boxes. Decoupage photos on one side of the blocks and tic-tac-toe symbols on another, then decorate the remaining sides with patterned paper. The boxes are also a great place to store tiny family trinkets and treasures.

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    Decorative Wooden Clock

    Combine a clock kit purchased from a crafts store and an old wood plaque to make this unusual home decor accent. Cover the plaque in chipboard numbers in a hodgepodge pattern for a personalized look.

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    Personalized Cookie Jar

    Use chalkboard embellishments to add a personalized touch to gifts. To make this jar, simply trim repositionable vinyl chalkboard to the desired size, round the corners with a punch, and stick it on. You could get a similar look with chalkboard paint and a stencil.

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    Floral Canvas Wall Art

    Decoupage ledger paper to create a neutral but textured background for canvas artwork. Use paper scraps from your crafts supply stash for flower stems and turn leftover gems into flower centers.

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    Pretty Baby Blocks

    Prime and paint unfinished wood blocks to create this cute, personal baby gift. Digitally format photos and paper to fit each of the block faces.

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    Monogram Wall Art

    Create a personalized, monogrammed gift with a wood letter and leftover crafts supplies. Paint the letter a neutral color, and embellish to suit the recipient's personality.

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    Business Card Holder

    Turn a cast-off cassette tape case into a handy business card holder. Digitally size two canvases to match the dimensions of the plastic case's back and lip, or measure and trim cardstock to fit. Add text, digital elements, and photos, then print out the designs on photo paper. Adhere them to the case with adhesive dots.

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    Vintage-Style Family Frames

    For an aged, distressed look, sand the raised areas of metal frames and paint the exposed spots with a contrasting color. Attach the frames to vintage rulers with wire. Add quick sparkle to the gift with a chandelier drop at the bottom.

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    Scrap Supply Magnets

    Round up a few leftover scrapbooking supplies and spare magnets to make quick, cute, and inexpensive gifts. Back glass pebbles with paper scraps or layer crafts supplies on top of small magnets.

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    Homemade Family Album

    Attach unfinished wood shapes to an album cover for a personalized look. Liven up the cover with decorated chipboard accents, then trim heavyweight papers to the same shape as the album and add photos, quotes, and memorabilia to the pages.

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    Father's Day Gift Idea

    Give Dad a central location for storing his phone, iPod, wallet, and keys by constructing a valet tray. Decoupage patterned paper to the sides and inside bottoms of two papier-mache boxes and lids. Embellish, and finish by gluing the boxes and lids together as shown.

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    Handmade Picture Frames

    Create clever tone-on-tone picture frames by adhering rhinestones or clear pebbles.

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    Glass Paperweights

    Glass paperweights make practical and gender-neutral gifts. Start with a glass paperweight kit, available at crafts and hobby stores or online. Decorate the paperweight with scrapbooking paper, gift wrap, or an old card.

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    Photo Wall Art

    For easy wall art that's big on style, repurpose an old poster frame with a collection of hanging photos. Remove the glass or plastic and the cardboard backing from the frame, then attach screw eyes inside the frame and string wire through them. Punch holes in photos and hang them from the wires with wire, thread, or earring hooks.

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    Budding Artist's Portfolio

    Ensure a child's artwork stays crinkle-free with an accordion folder. Attach handmade patterned-paper flowers and letter stickers to personalize the gift.

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    Bulletin Board

    Covered in retro-inspired fabric, an artist's canvas becomes a practical memo board. Add a piece of sheet metal to one side for a magnetic place to hang bits and pieces.

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    Painted Mouse Pad

    Turn a plain cork tile into a creative mouse pad. Stamp an image onto paper and enlarge it with a copier. Cut out the shape; use it as a template to cut the cork tile. Choose laser-cut paper and place it over the cork. Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to fill in the negative spaces. Carefully lift the laser-cut paper before the paint dries. When dry, spray the entire surface with a protective sealant.

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    Sparkling Photo Album

    Beaded trim is a quick and easy way to add dimension and sparkle to craft projects. Wrap beaded sequin trim around the cover of an album and attach adhesive rhinestones for extra shimmer.

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    Framed Fashion

    Add glam to a girl's room with designer-inspired vintage doll clothes and accessories. Install patterned paper in the backs of shadow boxes and use double-sided tape to attach the outfits without damaging them.

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