Pretty Pasta Tree

Make a unique centerpiece out of noodles.

What You'll Need

  • Waxed paper
  • Assorted pasta in interesting shapes
  • Thick white crafts glue
  • Wood skewer
  • Plastic cone approximately 12 inches tall
  • Sponge or standard brush for glue
  • Newspaper
  • Black spray paint
  • Acrylic gloss paint in desired colors
  • Paint brush

Make It

  1. Create the treetop start first. Lay shell pasta on waxed paper and arrange in a star shape gluing generously between shells. Glue skewer between two shells for inserting into the cone.
  2. Make the tendrils from partially boiled long strands of pasta. Boil, then lay flat to dry. Glue to the back of the star between shells. Insert skewer into the top of the cone.
  3. Coat the cone with a heavy layer of glue using a brush or sponge.
  4. Apply the pasta in grows using a variety of textures and shapes.
  5. In a well-ventilated work area, spray paint the entire tree black. Let the paint dry.
  6. Paint rows of pasta different colors allowing the black crevices to show.


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