Easy Greeting Cards to Make

Create these simple one-of-a-kind cards for the special people in your life.

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    Clear Accent Card

    Use clear scrapbooking embellishments to add quick detail to a card. Die-cut flowers from a transparency, then adhere small colorful circles to the end of each petal. Attach a fabric scrap to the center to easily express your sentiment.

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    Circular Greeting Card

    Create a round card in minutes with a circle maker. Use the cutter on folded cardstock, allowing for a 2-inch hinge. Carry through the round look with round cuts, adding stickers to complete the pretty greeting.

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    Quick Wedding Card

    Tiny paper scraps are perfect for quickly building wedding cakes on cards. Use tiny crafts flowers to mimic wedding flowers and create dimension. For added interest, trim paper scraps using decorative-edge scissors and place on top of each cake tier to serve as frosting.

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    Sparkling Die-Cut Card

    Trimmed die-cut paper atop cardstock provides a design that can be embellished with press-on gems. Choose part of the design to emphasize, and use gems in your favorite colors to give the card instant shine.

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    Butterfly Greeting Card

    Made in two layers, this dimensional butterfly adds a beautiful accent to a card front. Use our free pattern to cut two butterflies. Shape a 6-inch-long piece of wire into antennae using round-nose pliers. Detail the butterfly and card with rub-on motifs. Use adhesive spacers to attach the wing layers, sandwiching the antennae between them.

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    Circle-Design Card

    Brighten someone's day with a tidy arrangement of paired paper circles. Use 3/4- and 1-1/2-inch circle makers to create the vivid design.

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    Quick Floral-Theme Card

    Combine scrapbooking supplies to make an unforgettable card. Top pretty papers with a rub-on floral motif for eye-catching interest. For the focal point, back a dimensional flower sticker with a snipped circle of felt, then surround it with an acrylic see-through frame.

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    Ice Cream Cone Card

    Coordinating summery papers combine to make a whimsical ice cream cone motif on this quick card. Use our free patterns to cut the paper pieces, adding line and dot details with a fine-line black marking pen. To top off the sweet design, tie floss through a red button and hot-glue it to the top of the cone.

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    Flower Bouquet Card

    Machine-stitched stems on white cardstock lend interest to this trio of flowers. Paper-punches make the blooms, which are adhered to the background using round and flower-shape brads. A ribbon bow, hot-glued to the stems, appears to tie the bouquet together.

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    Paper-Pieced Bird Card

    This little paper-pieced bird is more than happy to deliver a sentiment of love. Simply cut out the paper pieces using our free patterns, darken the edges with an inked sponge, and glue the pieces to the cardstock background.

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    Easy Glittered Card

    Glitter paper in the same color as the cardstock background creates a pretty tone-on-tone effect. Punched-out shapes add interest and subtle texture, while allowing the colorful heart sticker to be the focus.

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    Letter Patterned Paper Card

    Mix and match type-pattern papers to create a bold, graphic card. Chose paper with varying type sizes, then mount letter stickers and a printed sentiment on striped paper.

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    Vintage Greeting Card

    Tear patterned paper at a diagonal and attach to a card front for a distressed, vintage look. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut a circle from matching patterned paper, then layer on a small sentiment. Finish the card with a simple patterned paper border and tiny bow.

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    Simple Glitter Card

    Add glitter to chipboard embellishments, then layer the embellishments to make an easy card accent. Place the handmade accent on top of patterned paper in a contrasting color to make it prominent.

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    Ribbon Birthday Card

    Rhinestone brads serve as candle flames to light up the cake on this birthday card. Adhesive dots secure three strips of velvet ribbon for the cake tiers. Place the cake inside a circle to make it stand out against a patterned paper background.

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    Everyday Greeting Card

    For a clever twist, create an oversize greeting on the outside of a card. Mask off parts of ribbon stamps to create short segments, then add tiny gems to draw attention to the letters.

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    Clever Thank-You Card

    For more control and dimension, stamp letters on cardstock, then cut them out. Add interest by cutting angular shapes for the small letters and trimming close to the large letters.

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    Leftover Crafts Supply Card

    Create a card entirely from crafts supply leftovers. Loop a ribbon piece through each button, then place a button in the center of each punched circle. Cut flower stems from paper scraps, and use a tiny ribbon piece to tie the flowers together.

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    Holiday-Inspired Card

    A red-and-green color scheme isn't just for Christmas. Use the shades to create an eye-catching summer card. A red wooden flower embellishment, a game piece for the second letter "M" in "summer," and red twill tape add texture to this contemporary card.

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    Quick Cutout Card

    To create a split effect, use positive (the shape cut out) and negative (the hole left by a cutout) accents. Cutout, stamped flowers float across the top of this card, while the bottom features punched holes. A ribbon piece ties the two sections together.

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    Punched Card Title

    Simple punched flower shapes enliven the acrylic tiles that spell out "spring" on this card. Use a same-size punch for each letter, but vary the placement to add rhythm and movement to the word.

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    Fast Sticker Card

    Line up leftover sticker strips to create a fun card background. Use a dimensional birthday sticker for an easy sentiment.

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    Mosaic-Style Card

    Cut squares from coordinating patterned papers and lay them out in a mosaic pattern on a card front. Hang a charm from beaded thread, then loop the thread through holes in the card front.

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    Quick Birthday Card

    Computer illustration programs make perfect card sentiments. Check software instructions to type a card sentiment in a circle. To make your sentiment stand out, place it on paper that contrasts the card front.

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    Sticker Sentiment Card

    Place sticker sentiments in a grid to create a clean everyday card. Fill the middle block with a paper flower to add interest.

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    Simple Greeting Card

    Place rub-on sentiments atop cutout circles to make a quick card. Finish the simple design with a ribbon border on one side.

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