Cute Thank-You Cards

Handmade touches make these thank-you cards extra special.

Pretty Ribbon Addition

Craft a card from decorative paper and die cuts. Put eyelets to work for moving parts. Run a ribbon through eyelets to connect two parts of a card.

Ribbon and Die-Cut Card

Make a sweet and simple thank-you card with decorative paper, a die cut, and ribbon. Cover the card front with decorative paper. Adhere a ribbon along the middle front of the card. Over the top, stick a fancy die cut with a simple message using adhesive foam for added dimension.

Flowers and Penned Details

Fold a piece of card stock in half. Cut a strip of a decorative paper to adhere to the center of the front. Attach pretty flower details and a small label. Connect the elements by tracing around them with pen. Add special corner details with pen.

Hand-Stitched Bloom

Think of stitching as a cost-effective way to subtly embellish your designs. Machine-stitch lines for the flower stem and hand-stitch the grass. For the bloom itself, stitch small scraps of ribbon into petal shapes and sew on a metal-rim tag for the center.

Country Charm Painted Card

Give a regular card a look of country charm. With white paint and a small brush, make light strokes along the card borders. Stitch around the borders, as well. Add a final touch with a tied-on tag.

Leaf Cutout Card

For seasonal thanks, use the negative piece of a leaf die cut. Adhere to a card of complementing colors. Handwrite or stamp a message of thanks below.

Buttons and Rickrack Card

Leftover sewing notions decorate this card. Attach pieces of patterned paper to card stock. Adhere rickrack and paper flower cutouts to the card. Glue buttons to the blooms.

Punchy Patterned Card

Bold patterns are the theme of this card. Cut strips of patterned paper to adhere to card stock. With a stencil and crafts knife, cut letters for the title or use stickers.

Geometric Thank-You Card

A square punch makes quick work of a geometric card. Mat three punched squares on blue card stock to help them pop off the orange background.

Layered Paper Star Card

Play with layered paper shapes. Cut 1/4 of a circle; adhere to bottom right-hand corner inside the card. Add a star cutout over the top. Cut a similar curve from the card cover to reveal the circle below. Include a message for the special recipient.

Paper Stripes

Cut one wide piece of brown card stock. Cut two same-width strips of patterned paper and one narrower strip. Layer the strips over the brown cardstock. Place cut-out lettering or letter stickers on the two larger strips.

Made From Scraps

A neutral background and die-cut letters unify the rainbow of patterned-paper squares on this thank-you card. Keep a stash of shapes punched from leftovers to create mosaic cards in a snap.

You Can Say That Again!

If your sentiment bears repeating, stamp a simple greeting over and over on scraps of patterned paper. This thank-you greeting was tied together with a main message stamped on a scrap adorned with buttons.

Perfect for Dad

An embellished tie is the focal point of this card. Create a patterned look by stamping stars on small cardstock scraps and placing brads through the centers.

Pretty Ribbons

If you have a hard time parting with ribbon scraps, this is the perfect card for you! This 3-inch mini-card works great clipped to a gift bag, tucked into a bunch of flowers, or left as an unexpected treat on a coworker's desk.

Bright Blossom

Double-sided patterned cardstock folded in half and trimmed with decorative-edge scissors makes this thank-you card as whimsical on the inside as it is outside. If the pattern on the inside of your card will make your handwritten note difficult to read, add a scrap of vellum over the design to soften it.

Stamp with Bleach

This cool thank-you card was created by stamping images on cardstock with bleach. A foam circle created the dotted design, then it was stamped over the top with ink.

Quick Card

It only takes 15 minutes to turn scraps of cardstock, patterned paper, and ribbon into this classy design. Rub-on stems make the perfect finishing touch.


A scrap of distressed patterned paper gives this thank-you card a rustic look. To create the card, layer a scrap of pattered paper, torn on the diagonal, over a solid piece, and then dress it up with rub-ons and felt flowers.


Wrap a scrap strip of double-sided patterned paper around a pencil to bump up the wow factor of your card. This sun was hand-cut from computer clip art to hold the simple greeting.

"Kiss" Stamps

Merge two stamped images to make one design. Here, a circle stamp was inked, then the heart was pressed on the wet stamp to remove some of the ink. Finally, it was stamped onto a simple blue-and-white card.

Coffee Lover

A steaming cup of coffee sets the stage for a clever card. Ink the edges of your piecings to add definition.

Flower Power

Fabric gives this card a unique look full of texture. Create a flower by sewing fabric pieces into pouches for the petals.

Pretty Patchwork

Stitch together 3-inch-square scraps of patterned paper to create this quilt-like card. Leftover ribbon pieces tied to a long strand on the left side give the greeting a happy-go-lucky feel. The layered die-cut sentiment immediately attracts your attention.

Stitch a Border

Add an extra punch of color by stamping on a transparent background and coloring in the flowers with a safe-for-slick-surfaces pen. To tie the greeting and background together, substitute the "o" with two layered patterned papers stamped using the same design.

Circle Pattern

To highlight and add texture to this thank-you card, machine-stitch over the large circular designs of the graphic patterned paper. Use vellum for the pocket so the card's stitching will be visible.

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