Creative Cards with Stitches

See how machine- or hand-stitching can embellish any card.

Let Your Paper Be Your Guide

To highlight and add texture to this card, pick a graphic paper with large circular designs, then machine-stitch over the pattern. Trim your paper down to size before sewing over the pattern so you don't have to cut through the stitch lines.

Free-Form Flair

Stitching by hand is easy if you lightly draw the design first and then punch small holes over the design with your sewing machine needle. The holes serve as a stitching guide.

Bind it with Stitching

Flowers for eyes and patterned-paper circles for spots create a fun effect on this pieced ladybug. Instead of folding, cut the card in half and sew the pieces together at one edge. Make a second row of stitches for extra durability. To finish the card, stamp the greeting on a white paper strip.

Fabric Fun

Stitching is a no-brainer way to attach fabric to a layout. To prevent the fabric from shifting on the paper, tack it down temporarily with a small amount of adhesive.

Pretty Patchwork

Stitch 3-inch-square scraps of patterned paper to create this quilt-like card. Leftover ribbon pieces tied to a long strand on the left side give the greeting a happy-go-lucky feel. The layered die-cut sentiment immediately attracts your attention.

Backdrop Buzz

Create a unique backdrop for your project by drawing the pattern first or sewing it free-form. Here, we used a series of straight lines stitched with variegated thread to set off the heart design.

Frame Your Message

A stitched border outlines this thank-you card. By layering a couple rows of stitching on top of each other, the lines don't have to be perfectly straight. Add an extra punch of color by stamping on a transparent background and coloring in the flowers with a safe-for-slick surfaces pen.

Cool Accent

Wish someone an out-of-this-world birthday with this awesome alien card. Grid paper, stars, and piecings combine to give the greeting a space-age feel. Stitch around the edges to complete the look. A hardware-store spring and mismatched googly eyes are the secrets behind the alien's bobble head.

Forget the Thread

Create a playful punched pattern by running your paper project through your sewing machine without thread. The effect is subtle but cool, and it's a super easy technique for beginners.

Dip It

Emphasize a fun design by outlining it with stitching. Easter egg dye added a custom touch o this card. Instead of dunking the eggs, dip the cardstock. Follow the directions to mix the egg dye, but leave out the vinegar and use just water instead.

Decorate a Holiday Card

This holiday card was made by layering strips of patterned paper onto an oblong window card. A strip of light green cardstock was trimmed with decorative-edge scissors and mounted next to a brown strip of paper. A zigzag machine stitch was used to embellish the seam. A paper flower, ribbon, and vintage button finish the look.

Create a Pocket

A patterned vellum square was stitched onto this brown card to create a cute window. With adhesive, attach a white paper to the inside of the card, leaving one of the four sides unglued. This creates a pocket you can slip a mini-CD or photo into.

Matching Papers

A pad of coordinating papers is a great place to find patterns that look great together. The muted tones of this card give it a soft feeling. Details such as stitching and scalloped edges impart a homemade feel.

Formal Feel

Machine-stitch double lines along the top and bottom of a piece of paper and attach it to the front of any card. Here, one side of a strip of paper was trimmed with scallop-edge scissors and mounted below the stitched, floral paper. A ribbon, button, and sticker complete the look.

Practical Purpose

Stitching can help keep several layers of paper from moving around. Here, a mottled green card is covered by a pink patterned paper and creamy, yellow scalloped edge paper. A pink-and-red band is decorated with buttons and ribbons.

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