Creative Bulletin Boards to Craft

Turn salvaged items, fun crafting supplies, and a little creativity into bulletin boards! Whether you're looking to get organized, display more photos, or transform a tired corkboard, these ideas are stylish and easy.

Wallflower Personality

Pull out the stops to use salvaged corks for this floral-theme corkboard that is anything by boring. Form the flowers by strategically positioning stained cork ends faceup. Use a deep frame or shadow box to accommodate the depth of the corks. To stain the corks yellow and orange for the flower centers, brush watered-down acrylic paints onto the cork ends.

Pop Art

Refresh your message center with a magnetic bottle-cap board -- no caffeine required! Find vintage bottle caps on e-commerce websites, such as; then arrange and glue them into a frame. Use additional magnet-backed bottle caps to attach notes on the display. Before adhering the bottle caps inside the frame, cover the frame backing with pretty patterned paper. Use heavy-duty glue, such as epoxy, to attach the bottle caps to the backing.

Made to Measure

Chalk up this noteworthy idea to a salvaged contractor's ruler folded on its hinges into a square and used as a frame with a chalkboard backing. Cut a board to fit the back of the folded-ruler frame, paint it with chalkboard paint, and screw it onto the back of the ruler frame. The frame will be multiple squares deep, making the perfect ledge for pieces of chalk.

Monogram Map

Add this idea to your crafting itinerary: Commemorate a special destination with a map-covered papier-mache letter. Use decoupage medium to adhere a map to the front of the letter. For extra durability, brush the surface with a second coat of medium and let it dry before adding flag-top pins to mark your visits or favorite cities.

Tray Talk

Are you being served? Give a seldom-used wooden tray a new role to play as a photo display. Paint it with yellow and chalkboard paints and add notes highlighting your favorite snapshots.Once painted, wrap a picture-hanging wire through the handles and across the tray front. Twist the wire ends together on the back of the tray. Mini clothespins make perfect picture holders.

Classic Drawer Bulletin Board

If a dresser is too junky to save, use one of its drawers for a creative bulletin board. Paint the drawer to renew its life. Then cut corkboard to the size of the inside of the drawer and glue in place. Cover the board with pretty paper. Hang the drawer on a wall above a desk, and set decorations on the bottom for an interesting display.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Put a collection of wine-bottle corks to good use as a clever display board. Choose a frame deep enough to house whole corks, or cut the corks in half lengthwise using an extra-fine razor saw (available at hobby stores). Attach the corks to the frame backing with wood glue.

Beautiful Magnetic Board

Update an old cookie sheet as a magnetic bulletin board for a quirky way to display treasures. Glue a bright piece of wrapping paper to the inside of a cookie sheet. Fun magnets make it easy to embellish the board when hanging mementos.

Tea Towel Bulletin Board

Find tea towels large enough to wrap around discount store cork bulletin boards. Spray the fronts of the boards with adhesive, then press the towels to the boards, smoothing out air bubbles by hand. Wrap the fabric around the boards and stapled to the back for a hip way to liven up your office space.

Piece of Art Bulletin Board

Make your own focal-point bulletin board by mounting cork squares to a wall, covering them with grass cloth, and attaching molding around the edges for a frame. Rim the inside of the molding with eye-catching ribbon to double the bulletin board¿s impact.

Vintage Bulletin Boards

Keep the colors of your bulletin board neutral for a vintage look that will match any room. Wrap a corkboard in off-white fabric. Then place it in a white frame. Hang string across the top with pushpins for an easy way to display mementos.

Jewelry Bulletin Board

Your jewelry deserves to be put on display. Place fabric over a corkboard and glue to the back. Paint a picture frame in a matching color. Place the corkboard in the frame, then hang your jewelry with simple pearl-head pins.

Green Velvet Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is fit for a queen. Cover a corkboard with gray or silver fabric and staple to the back. Make a crisscross pattern from green velvet ribbon and hold in place with decorative gem pushpins. Apply bling embellishment tape to the ribbon for added sparkle. Attach feathers and beautiful flower accents for a royal finish.

Antique Bulletin Board

An old frame with inside matting provides the perfect display for a bulletin board. Fit the corkboard to the center of the frame in place of glass. If the frame is beat up, spray-paint it a tarnished gold for a finished look. Simple pushpins make sure not to overwhelm the beautiful wall hanging.

Double Hanging Bulletin Boards

Sometimes one bulletin board just isn¿t enough, especially when they¿re as pretty as these two. Wrap a frame in colorful fabric. Hot-glue the fabric to the back of the frame, pulling it tight as you go. Then, hot-glue corkboard cut to size to the back of the frame. Attach two lengths of matching ribbon to the top with small nails, letting the ends hang over the front. Hang the frames side by side for a uniform look.

Graphic Bulletin Boards

Give your office space a pick-me-up with these retro bulletin boards. These three corkboards were wrapped in bright wrapping paper and framed in bold black. Add large black embellishments, such as big letters, for a fun backdrop.

Picture Frame Bulletin Board

Not all bulletin boards have to hang from a wall. Cover the front of a standing picture frame with a patterned piece of paper. Glue a piece of corkboard to the front. Add button embellishments in coordinating colors. Then pin on pictures and treasures with decorative pins.

Decal Bulletin Board

If your bulletin board is taking center stage in your room, make it a piece of art. Earn style points by adding a gray decal over the cork and displaying the board in a chunky black frame. Or paint your own design to match the theme of your room.

Sealable Bag Bulletin Board

A fabric-lined corkboard gets an easy update with small sealable plastic bags. Colorful pushpins hang clear bags filled with small trinkets and office supplies.

Editor's Tip: If your supplies are unsightly, hang small cloth bags instead.

Tropical Bulletin Board

Turn even the smallest fabric scrap into a fun bulletin board. Stretch fabric over a piece of corkboard and glue in place. Glue two strands of ribbon across the corkboard. Use patterned clothespins to hang notes or pictures from the ribbons. Then, place the corkboard in a frame for a bright display.

Painted Bulletin Board

Intricate designs aren't hard to achieve. Search scrapbook supplies for different-shape die cuts. Place them on the corkboard in a fun pattern. Spray-paint the corkboard and let dry. Then remove the die cuts for an interesting layout. Paint a border and add coordinating pushpins to complete the look.

Applique Bulletin Board

A pretty bird applique is a great way to display a favorite hobby and provide a background for your pins. Cut a bird pattern from fabric and use fusible webbing to attach the bird to the corkboard. Add striped ribbon to the outside of the corkboard and flower embellishments with gem brads. Place the corkboard in a painted frame.

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