We're adding some floral flair to our holiday decor! Dried flowers are a great way to add a little bit of color to your walls during the winter months. Plus, see how we turned this craft into a pretty Christmas ornament!

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Warm up the hot-glue gun! Dried flowers (we like mums) become seasonal decor with the help of a wooden ring, some hot glue, and a ribbon. Real flowers add a warm, earthy flair to Christmas decor. Look for dried flowers in a variety of colors. Green is a Christmas classic, but pinks and oranges offer welcome pops of warm color on a fir or spruce.

What You'll Need:

dried flowers and wreath supplies
  • Dried or wooden flowers
  • Small wooden rings or embroidery hoops
  • Hot-glue gun 
  • Glue sticks
  • Ribbon

Step 1: Prepare Flowers

cutting stem off dried flower

Start this project by purchasing bundles of dried flowers in coordinating colors; we purchased four bundles of dried flowers and added some lightweight wood flowers as accents. Remove all the flower heads from the stems as carefully as you can—dried flowers crumble easily. We used craft scissors to cut each flower head from the stem as closely as possible.

Step 2: Glue to Wreath Form

hot-gluing dried blooms to hoop

When all of the dried flowers are ready, start gluing the flower heads to a plain embroidery hoop. Stick to a pattern, or just add the flowers as you see fit; if you're planning to add larger embellishments, make sure to leave enough empty space for them on the embroidery hoop.

Step 3: Embellish

placing dried flower on wreath

Once all the dried flowers are attached to the wreath form, add embellishments. We used lightweight wood flowers, but you could use larger dried flowers, bows, or holiday accessories to finish off this gorgeous wreath. Attach the accessories with hot glue, then let the glue dry completely before you display the wreath.

Bonus Idea: Dried Flower Ornament

DIY flower ring ornament

We used a plain wood hoop to make a gorgeous dried flower ornament. It's the same process, just mini! Because the ornament has less space than the hoop wreath, try using the smaller dried flowers—we just saved a few of the smallest flowers from the wreath project. Packages of wood rings can usually be found at your local craft store, and aren't too expensive, which makes these the perfect easy DIY Christmas gift idea!


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