Yes, you can make your old paper towel tubes cute. Upcycle your recyclables into a pretty jewelry holder that will keep you organized.

No more tangled necklaces or missing earring backs. Save a few paper towel tubes and turn them into a jewelry holder that allows you to actually see all of your favorite pieces. If you don't have the space to hide the holder away in a closet or bathroom, use felt and ribbon in colors that match your bedroom decor for an ever-changing piece of wall art. This upcycled jewelry holder is the perfect partner to the traditional jewelry box. Use the hanging holder for your favorite, everyday pieces; use the jewelry box for your special occasion baubles.

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Cutting, Measuring, Gluing

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1


Cut each paper towel tube to 6-½ inches long. Cut two pieces of felt that are 7 inches long, and wide enough to wrap around a paper towel tube once (about 7-½ inches). Cut the third piece of felt to the same width (7-½ inches) but with a length of 9-½ inches.The third piece of felt will be used to create an earring holder that has an overhang for hoops or danglers.

Step 2

Attach With Glue

Apply the hot glue to the felt (one of the shorter pieces) and place the tube on the glue. Then roll the felt around the tube, attaching the end of the felt with more hot glue. This is the process for first and second tube. The third tube, with the larger piece of felt, will have an overhang for earrings, so only wrap the felt around once. If you can't find your hot glue gun, use double-sided tape or glue dots to attach the felt instead.

Step 3

Earring Holder

The felt-covered tube for the earring holder should have a 2–2½ inch overhang of felt. On the overhang, use a pencil to lightly mark dots for earring holes. The dots should be about an inch apart. Use the screw punch to make holes where marked. If you have enough space, add another row of holes directly above the first set of holes. The top holes can be used for studs and the bottom holes can be used for hoops for fun, dangly earrings!

Step 4

String Together

You will need two pieces of equal length ribbon. The length of each ribbon should be however long you want your finished organizer to be, plus 6 inches. So, if you want your organizer to be 12 inches, cut each ribbon 18 inches. Use your pencil to make mark 2-½ inches from each edge of the tube. The marks should be on the top of the earring tube. Make the same marks at the same measurement on the tops and bottoms of the other two tubes. Use the crafts knife to make slits in the tubes where marked. The earring holder tube should have two slits, and the other tubes should have four slits each. Knot the end of both pieces of ribbon, then snake the ribbon into the earring holder tube and use the skewer to push it through the slit at the top. Add another knot about 2 inches above the slit, and push the ribbon through the bottom and top slits of the middle tube. Add another knot and push the ribbon through the slits of the top tube. Do this for both sets of slits. At the top of the jewelry holder, tie the two strings together to hang.


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