In summertime, I'll make any excuse to hang out in the sunshine, and that means trips to the beach and plenty of alfresco parties. Learn how to DIY the perfect sun hat for any occasion. The best part? It's so easy breezy!

Summer Hat, pool, hat

Pom-poms, umbrella drinks, and pool floats are always an instant mood lifter—who agrees?! Whether you're craving a tropical getaway, simply hanging poolside with your best friends, or working in your garden, a floppy sun hat is a stylish summer staple and the perfect summertime accessory to "top" off all your happy places. You can find lots of personalized sun hats at places like J.Crew and Etsy, but when I was looking for the perfect hat, the sayings weren't totally speaking to me or the colors weren't quite right. And, of course, I couldn't find one with pom-poms, which has become one of my favorite trends.

As the personalized sun hat trend takes the internet by storm, I want to share with you just how easy it is to make your own. There truly aren't many steps to creating this project. A string of pom-poms and your favorite color rope is the icing on the cake for this DIY!

What You'll Need

Summer Hat, DIY hat, string, tassel hat
  • Sun hat
  • Hot pink rope
  • Pink pom-poms
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 1

Summer Hat, hat, string, glue gun

Glue pom-poms around the top of your hat. We chose a solid color of pom-poms, but you could use any garland you like.

Step 2

Summer Hat, hat, string

On the brim of your hat, glue your hot pink rope to spell out "my happy place" (or whatever else you'd like).

Optional: You can use a pencil to lightly draw on your saying, and then glue the rope on top of your pencil markings.

Summer Hat, hat, tassels. string

I love that you can customize your hat for bachelorette parties, summer parties, girl getaways, and so many more memorable occasions.


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