Turn an old leather purse into a gorgeous passport holder. See how we used the Cricut Maker and simple leather tools to create this DIY travel craft.

opened homemade leather wallet

Travel in style with a gorgeous upcycled leather passport cover. Cut leather pieces from a vintage purse and use our easy leather stitching technique to sew the pieces. Use your Cricut Maker to add a personalized design to the front cover, and you'll be ready to jet off in style.

What You'll Need:

diy leather wallet supplies
  • Leather purse 
  • Scissors
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut standard-grip adhesive mat
  • Cricut deep-cut blade
  • Leather punch
  • Needle and heavy thread
  • Cricut iron-on material
  • Cricut Easy Press

Step 1: Cut bag

cutting leather from purse

To start this project, find an old leather bag you don't mind cutting into pieces. If you don't have a bag like this in mind, look through grandma's back closet or check your local vintage store. Look for a bigger bag that has a large surface area of flat leather. Use a pair of sharp craft scissors to cut around the leather material, cutting the pieces as large as possible.

Step 2: Cut leather pieces

placing leather on cricut mat

Go to Cricut Design Space online and choose basic shapes to create your leather passport cover. All you'll need is two flat pieces (make sure it fits the measurements of your passport) and then two small rectangular pieces for the flaps to sew on top of the base piece. This will ensure your passport sits in the cover without falling out. Once you have your pieces designed, load the leather you cut from the bag onto the mat. Smooth and press the leather down onto the map to eliminate air bubbles, then load the mat into your Cricut Maker and cut the leather using the Cricut Deep-Cut Blade.

Step 3: Prep leather pieces

repurposing leather for wallet

Once your leather comes out of the machine, pull it off the mat and grab your leather tools. Punch holes around the leather pieces using a leather hole punch; this will help you stitch the passport together.

Step 4: Sew pieces together

sewing around edge of leather wallet

Use a large needle and heavy thread to stitch the pieces of your holder together, threading the needle through the leather-punched holes. First, stitch the two flat pieces together so that the brown, shiny side faces out on both sides. Then, stitch the smaller rectangular pieces onto the larger base piece; tie off the thread at the end.

Step 5: Personalize

pressing handmade wallet with cricut machine

After your passport is stitched together, go back to Design Space and cut a design or phrase out of iron-on material. Once the design is cut, weed negative space so you can iron your design onto your passport cover. To attach the design, turn on your Cricut Easy Press and turn it to the right setting for the materials you're using–a setting guide comes with the device for easy use. Iron on your design using the Easy Press. When the design is finished, pop your passport inside the holder and you'll be ready to travel!


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