Learn how to craft a gorgeous terrarium centerpiece at home. This incredibly easy DIY project is the perfect addition to any wedding or party you're planning this summer.

By Melissa Johnson of Best Friends For Frosting; Stylist Kim Alcala; Photos by Jen Bartell Photography
Updated July 18, 2019

Wedding and entertaining season is in full swing, and I couldn't be more excited to share one of my favorite tabletop centerpieces. If you love Anthropologie or West Elm, then this DIY project is especially for you! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a floral centerpiece when you can literally make them yourself—true story!

You will not believe how easy this terrarium centerpiece is to make. You can make them half-awake on a Monday morning—it's that easy! All you need is a terrarium (scored this one from the crafts store), white sand, your favorite cactus plants, succulents, and flowers. It literally takes minutes to put together each one! Talk about the most perfect excuse for a girl's crafting night in. Call your best girlfriends over, put out some appetizers, turn up some good music, and make it a DIY girl's night in!

Cactus Terrarium

How to Make a Cactus Terrarium

Supplies Needed

  • Glass container or terrarium
  • White sand
  • Cactus
  • Garden roses
  • Succulent plants

Step-by-Step Directions

With a few supplies and these how-to instructions, you can create your own handmade terrarium. Customize your decoration with your favorite succulents and cut flowers.

Cactus Terrarium

Step 1: Select Container

Select your succulents and glass container. Be sure to choose a container with a large opening to prevent excess moisture accumulation. We loved the added interest of this gold geometric terrarium.

Cactus Terrarium

Step 2: Add Sand and Succulents

Place white sand in the bottom of the container in an even layer. Remove assorted succulents and cactus from the packaging and gently shake off any excess dirt. Place cactus in the center and add succulents in the sand. Add decorative rocks if desired.

Cactus Terrarium

Step 3: Add Flowers

Add additional sand to fill in holes and place small cut flowers around the succulents. Mist the succulents periodically, and remove and replace roses as they fade.

Centerpieces can truly tie in the theme of any wedding in a striking or subtle way. Most guests hang out at their designated tables during a large portion of the reception. Having a gorgeously styled table that captures the mood and evokes the feeling of the wedding is key. Not to mention, table centerpieces are notorious for serving as an ice breaker for guests. These could also work beautifully for a bridal shower, baby shower, alfresco dinner party, or housewarming gift. If you don't have a special occasion but love the look, incorporate it into your home decor.

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July 18, 2019
I think it's beautiful. Too bad there aren't any instructions. Just pictures.