Decoupage Can Be THIS Easy With a Beautiful Doily Bowl

This multi-purpose craft can be used for almost anything.

Decoupage can get messy... and we mean really messy. But when the glue sealant is dry, the end results are always amazing! We're willing to put aside the thought of sticky fingers in order to make this adorable DIY doily bowl craft. It's so easy to make and serves as a functional piece of decor for your coffee table, bathroom counter, or entryway drop-zone. This is a great project to try out with the kids, so grab them and let's get started:

First, stir up a mixture of equal parts decoupage and water in a foil pie pan.

Dip a round doily of your choice in the decoupage mixture. Be sure every inch of the fabric gets covered and squeeze off any excess glue dripping from the doily.

Carefully drape the doily over a large glass bowl set upside-down. While it's still wet, smooth it out to the shape you desire.

Once the doily is completely dry, carefully peel it away from the bowl with a knife.

It may take some work, but once your doily is released, you will have a gorgeous DIY doily bowl. It's perfect for corralling jewelry, makeup, keys, or loose change! Plus, it looks fabulous. To learn more about this project, check out the tutorial video below:


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