Cutting Triangles

Patterns in Quiltvillage and American Patchwork & Quilting magazine frequently say: From assorted dark scraps, cut:

  • 30 -- 3-1/4" squares, cutting each diagonally twice in an X for a total of 120 triangles.

To make the triangles, follow these rotary-cutting instructions. Square up the fabric by trimming the raw edge of the fabric.

Square the Fabric

Step 1

1. Turn your cutting mat clockwise 180-degrees with the newly cut edge on the left. Find the 3-1/4" mark on the ruler. Line up the 3-1/4" mark with the left straight edge of the fabric. Line up the 1" mark with the bottom fold of fabric. Cut along ruler edge. You now should have one 3-1/4" strip. Cut two more strips.

Step 2

2. Unfold one strip. Turn it so a narrow end is on the left. Line up the 3-1/4" mark on ruler with the left edge of the fabric, and cut along the ruler's right edge. You now should have a 3-1/4" square. Repeat to cut the specified number of squares.

Step 3

3. To cut each square diagonally twice in an X, line up the ruler's edge with opposite corners (see Step 6). Cut along the ruler's edge; do not separate the two triangles created. Line up the ruler's edge with the remaining corners and cut.

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Square the Fabric

Cutting Squares

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