Perfect for a party, this fresh flower chandelier is simply gorgeous. All you need is grocery store flowers and a few craft supplies to make it yourself. We're sharing the complete DIY instructions, plus more ideas for using fresh flowers.

Updated March 04, 2019

For your next party, baby shower, or brunch, try crafting a fresh flower chandelier. You can customize it with any flowers you like, and assembling it is quick and easy. Choose a mix of bold blooms, fresh greenery, and pops of metallic for a sweet and sophisticated centerpiece. Hosting a bridal shower? Try using soft greens and fresh white flowers! For even more floral inspiration, check out our ideas for remaking grocery store bouquets. 

hanging floral craft above table

How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Fishing wire
  • Floral wire
  • Thick needle
  • Chain and hook (we used jewelry chain)
  • Wreath form
  • Pliers
  • Gold spray paint
  • Flowers and greenery

Step-by-Step Directions

A quick trip to the crafts supply store is all it takes to create this stunning chandelier. Want it to last? Try using silk or fabric flowers. You should be able to complete this project in under two hours.

tying floral wire around stem

Step 1: Prep Hanging Flower Stems

Spray paint wreath form gold, and let dry. Add chain for hanging the wreath form; set aside. Start preparing the greenery. Using floral wire, wrap the end of the stem and create a loop for hanging. Long flowering stems like stock, bluebells, and gladiolas are a great way to add length and color to your chandelier.

attaching bloom to floral craft

Step 2: Thread Hanging Flower Heads

Cut most of the stem off of each large bloom; set aside. Cut fishing wire to desired chandelier length. Thread blooms with fishing wire through the back of the stem. Keep the largest, heaviest blooms on the bottom. We used a mix of daisies, mums, and spray roses to create this look. Try other statement blooms like carnations, dahlias, and ranunculus.

wire wreath flower project

Step 3: Assemble Chandelier and Hang

Attach greenery and blooms to the wreath form with fishing wire. To create a full look, start with the greenery, then add the threaded blooms to fill in gaps. Finish your chandelier by weaving fresh greenery around the top ring to cover the wreath form. Secure greenery with florists wire or tape. This fresh flower chandelier is best made the day of your party. To hang, balance the weight by gently moving the flowers and greenery. For a permanent chandelier, use fabric, silk, paper, or felt flowers.

Have leftover flowers? Try these pretty (and easy!) flower arranging ideas.

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June 21, 2018
I'm in love! Thanks for sharing such a FRESH, lovely, summery and easy to make chandelier that will be a beautiful addition to ANY summer entertaining occasion. Even if you're just grilling steaks and drinking chilled homebrews with the neighbors...this says, "It's summer, glad you're here!"