Bright Snack Set

These trays and cups win high scores with their striking colors.

What You Need:

Lady Luck is sure to favor those who use fun dishes like these!
  • Glass snack tray and cup
  • Glass paints in black, yellow, white, turquoise, red, pink, and lime green (or as desired)
  • Paintbrushes


1. Wash and dry the glassware. Avoid touching the areas to be painted.

2. Begin by painting stripes and dots on the tray, using all colors except black. Do not paint where food or drink will touch. On our set, the underside of the tray edge was painted. Let the paint dry.

3. Paint over the design with black. Let the paint dry.

4. Paint the cup bottom in the same manner as the tray. Paint a stripe around the cup if the cup design allows. Let dry.

5. Bake in the oven if directed by the paint manufacturer. Let cool in oven before handling.

Other Ideas:

  • Paint the back-side center of the tray, if the cut-glass design is smooth enough to paint.
  • Buy an inexpensive glass punch bowl (check discount and closeout stores) and paint around the lower outside edge of it as well.
  • Change the look of each snack set by painting a different background color on each piece.
  • For a party to watch a sporting event, paint sets in team colors.


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