Mums the Word

Top off your look with a ribbon belt trimmed with a trio of felt flowers. Each flower is made from a fringed felt strip that's been rolled and glued to a length of grosgrain ribbon.

Materials: 1/8 yard each of 36"-wide felt: gold, dark red, cream, forest green 1-1/2"-wide grosgrain ribbon (enough to fit around waist with ribbon ends tied in a bow): brown Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Assemble the Belt:

1. Cut a 30-1/2x5" rectangle from forest green felt. Find center of ribbon length, and hot-glue center of ribbon to center of felt rectangle. Fold felt rectangle around ribbon, sandwiching the ribbon between the felt layers. Hot-glue in place. 2. Cut a 1x36" strip from red, gold, or cream felt. Cut 3/4"-deep slits along length of strip, spacing slits approximately 1/4" apart. Roll strip tightly, placing a dab of hot glue every 6" along uncut edge to hold roll together. Use fingertips to spread out cut strips and fluff flower. 3. Repeat Step 2 with each desired felt color to make a total of three flowers. 4. Trace leaf pattern, below, onto white paper; cut out. Cut four leaves from forest green felt. Referring to pattern, cut slit at end of each leaf. To give leaf dimension, overlap slit edges and hot-glue the pieces together.

Download the leaf pattern here.

5. Hot-glue leaves and flowers to belt, tucking petals underneath flowers with the overlapped leaf edges positioned under flowers.


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