High Tide Bracelet


  • 1⁄8"-diameter leather cording
  • Waxed cotton cording
  • Sea glass beads
  • Seashell beads
  • 14-millimeter wooden bead


1. Cut a 12"-long piece from leather cording and a 36"-long piece from waxed cotton cording. Holding two pieces together at one end, fold end over 1" (be sure to test that loop is big enough to accommodate wooden end bead). Tie an overhand knot below loop to hold pieces together.

2. Make loop at one end of leather cording and waxed cording, and tie an overhand knot. Wrap waxed cording around leather cording and below knotted loop for 1⁄2".

3. Tie a knot in the waxed cording and trim one end. Lay waxed cording along length of leather cording for 1⁄2"; tie a knot around leather cording.

4. Add bead to waxed cording, letting it hang approximately 1⁄4" below bracelet. Wrap cording around cording above bead; tie a knot.

5. Continue adding beads in the same manner. Tie an overhand knot at end of bracelet. Thread a bead onto waxed cording, and tie a knot at end.


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