Floral Finery

Carnations are a florist's staple, and these fabric renditions are just as cheery as their organic counterparts. Each bloom on this necklace consists of imperfect fabric circles that are tightly packed together and glued to a felt backing that's finished with a chain.

Materials: 12" square of felt 1/2 yard of fabric Hot-glue gun and glue sticks 18"-long necklace chain Jewelry pliers


Assemble the Necklace: 1. Cut five 1-1/2"-diameter circles from edge of felt square for flower bases. Note: The circles do not need to be perfectly round. Reserve remaining felt. 2. Using one felt circle as a template, cut out several same-size circles from fabric. You will need approximately 25–30 fabric circles per felt circle. Note: To save time, cut circles from up to eight layers of fabric at a time. 3. To make a fabric pom-pom, fold one fabric circle in half with right sides together, then in half again so center of circle comes to a point. Place a dab of hot glue on point of folded fabric circle and adhere to middle of another felt circle. Continue folding and gluing fabric circles until the entire felt circle is covered. Repeat to make five fabric pom-poms. 4. Use scissors to trim and shape each pom-pom flower, making each one symmetrical. 5. Arrange pom-poms in a U-shape on top of remaining felt from Step 1. Hot-glue three center pom-poms to felt backing, leaving two end pom-poms unattached. 6. Leaving necklace clasp fastened, use jewelry pliers to undo a link in center of chain. Hot-glue end of necklace chain to center back of each unattached pom-pom. Hot-glue pom-poms to felt backing in desired positions. 7. Trim felt backing around pom-poms, cutting close enough to felt circles so backing is not visible when viewing necklace from front


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