Elegant Pink Beaded Necklace

Make a simple beaded necklace to match any outfit. Start with our basic directions for making a two-strand necklace, then alter them to fit the beads that catch your eye.

What you'll need:

  • Beading thread and needle
  • Four ball hooks
  • Flat-nose jewelry pliers
  • Assorted glass seed beads, round beads, and faceted beads in various sizes
  • One large pendant-style bead
  • Head pin
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Two small jump rings
  • Toggle-style closure
  1. Determine the desired length of both strands. Knot the end of the beading thread. Place the ball hook over the knot. Using the flat-nosed pliers, pinch it in one direction. Turn it 90 degrees and pinch again. This will encase the knot in a crimped square.
  2. Slide the beads onto the beading thread in the desired order. For interest, alter the sizes and colors of the beads by dividing them into sections. See the photograph for ideas on arranging the beads.
  3. When you reach the center, add the pendant. To create the pendant, place a small bead, the pendant bead, and another small bead on the head pin. If necessary, cut the excess length from the head pin. Using the round-nose pliers, make a loop for hanging just above the top bead. String the pendant onto the necklace.
  4. String the remaining beads onto the thread so they are symmetrical with the first side. Knot the thread at the end and cover the knot with a ball hook.
  5. Create the second smaller strand in the same manner, but place a different color or larger bead in the center of the strand in place of a pendant.
  6. Lay out the necklace. On one end, join the two hook ends of the ball rings to a jump ring. Repeat for the other end. Attach the rings to the loops of the toggle clasp.


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