Easy Bead Jewelry

Inspiring ways to transform beads into treasures of art.

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    Wild Wire Bracelet

    Accent store-bought rubber rings with brilliant crafting wire to make jewelry with eclectic flair.

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    Birthday Bracelets

    Celebrate your birthday every day of the year by wearing a becoming birthstone-color bracelet.

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    Mother Bead Bracelet

    Create a colorful variation of a birthday bracelet to represent all of your children's birthdays.

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    Eyeglass Chain

    Make your specs spectacular with a happy holder threaded with cat's-eye beads.

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    Wedding Beaded Headpiece

    The bride glows wearing this glistening headpiece as she steps down the aisle.

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    Jean Drop Strings

    Choose pewter or glass charms to personalize strings of beads and wear them on your favorite jeans!

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    Beaded Earrings

    Whichever look you choose, these earrings work up so quickly, you'll want a pair in every color of the rainbow.

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    Seeded Bead Bracelet

    Black, white, and silver beads make a striking earring-and-bracelet set.

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    Little Angel Bracelet

    Choose jeweled boy and girl charms to signify the special little ones in your life.

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    Name Bracelet

    Show pride in your children or any loved ones by wearing their names on your wrist.

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    Beaded Ankle Bracelets

    Apply a fresh coat of nail polish and show off your dainty foot jewelry!

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    Toe Rings

    With all these rings to choose from, fashion a toe ring to coordinate with any outfit.

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