Beaded Eyeglass Chain

Make your specs spectacular with a happy holder threaded with cat's-eye beads.

What You Need:

For a fun variation, match beads to the color of your spec frames.
  • 1 yard of string or thread
  • 32-inch strand of multicolor fiber-optic cat's-eye chips
  • 2--3 mm crimp beads
  • 36-inch piece of .019-inch-diameter beading string
  • 2 white eyeglass holder ends
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Crimping tool
  • Scissors


1. Wrap string around neck to decide what length to make the eyeglasses holder, making it long enough to put on and take off easily. Cut the string to the desired length.

2. If the 32-inch strand of cat's-eye chips are in a loop, carefully cut string. Lay the strand of chips on a flat work surface. Lay the string alongside the strand. Pull off enough chips equally from each end to reach the desired length.

3. Put a crimp bead on one end of the exposed strand and slide to about 3/4 inch from the cat's-eye chips, being careful to avoid dropping chips off the other end. Pull the string through an eyeglass holder end. Pull string again through the crimp bead.

4. Using needle-nose pliers, pull string until crimp bead is tight against the chips.

5. Using crimping tool, crush crimp. Flip the string and crush crimp bead on other side. Clip off extra string.

6. Repeat Steps 3-5 on the other end, attaching the string to the other eyeglasses holder end.


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