Beaded Candlesticks

Your buffet or dining table will sparkle with these candlesticks and a coordinating candelabra decked out in beads with a twist.

What You Need:

Dress your candleholders for a party.
  • 11-inch-tall candelabra
  • 2 candlesticks, 8 inches tall
  • 5 tubes silver-lined clear beads, size 6
  • Assorted accent beads in turquoise, lime, and lavender (or colors desired)
  • 4 silver-lined chartreuse beads, size 6
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • 20-gauge wire (silver color)
  • Wire cutters
  • 2 silver head pins


1. String beads on wire. Cut a 60-inch piece of wire. Grasp end of wire in round-nose pliers. Bend approximately 3/8 inch of wire around nose of pliers to make a tiny loop, with end of wire meeting the bend. String about 3 inches of silver-lined clear beads onto wire, followed by a colored accent bead (set aside beads needed for Step 6). Continue in this manner for about 50 inches, adding accent beads every 1-1/2 to 3 inches. To prevent beads from falling off, coil end of wire.

2. Attach beaded wire to candlestick base. Tightly wrap end of beaded wire once around candlestick base. To secure this first wrap, use chain-nose pliers to slightly open the loop; hook loop over wire between beads. Close loop with pliers. Loosely wrap beaded wire four times around base to reach candle cup. On candelabra, make several more loose wraps on one arm, working toward candle cup.

3. Secure beaded wire to candle cup by twisting wire together in tighter loop at base of cup. Determine finished length, adding or removing beads as necessary; cut excess wire and bend loop to hold beads in place.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for second candlestick and candelabra.

5. Decorate remaining candelabra arm. Cut a 40-inch piece of wire; make loop at end with round-nose pliers. String beads as described in Step 1. Attach to the first length of beaded wire at the back of its third wrap around the candelabra base, opening and closing wire loop as described in Step 2. Wrap beaded wire twice loosely around candelabra, then once snugly around base of center candle cup and continue with several wraps around the unadorned arm. Attach to candle cup, make loop, and secure as for first arm.

6. Make beaded drops for candelabra. Insert head pin through turquoise bead; cut wire 3/8-inch above bead, and make a loop with round-nose pliers. Cut two 3-inch pieces of wire; make a loop at one end of each. On one wire, string a silver-lined chartreuse bead, a turquoise bead, and a second chartreuse bead. On second wire, string 1 turquoise bead. Make loop at second end of each wire in the same manner as for head pin. To connect beaded drop components, open loops next to each chartreuse bead attaching turquoise beads; close loops. Attach top loop of beaded drop to end of beaded wire on candlestick. Repeat for beaded drop on second candelabra arm.


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