Bead It

Add sparkle to your holidays with quick and easy projects made from beads and wire.

What You Need:

Stars fashioned from colorful fine-gauge wire shine with randomly strung metallic beads.
  • Scrap wood
  • Hammer and five nails
  • 24-gauge colored copper wire
  • 1/8- and 1/4-inch-diameter plastic metallic-finish beads


1. Draw a five-point star onto the wood. Hammer a nail into each point of the star just far enough to hold it in place.

2. Randomly thread a 2-foot length of wire with small beads. Wrap one end of the wire around a nail, leaving a long tail of wire. Wrap the wire around the nails to form a star. Interlock the wire to secure the beads in each section. End at the beginning nail, leaving a long tail.

3. Repeat with another length of wire threaded with larger beads, intertwining the wires.

4. Remove the star from the form and twist the wire tails together to form a hanger.

What You Need:

For a festive look, use a miniature Christmas ornament for the center charm.
  • 4-inch-long jewelry eye pin
  • 7/8-inch-diameter dowel scrap
  • Wire cutters
  • Assorted beads in one colorway
  • Miniature Christmas ornament (optional)
  • 1-inch-long jewelry head pins
  • Needle-nose or jewelry pliers


1. Wrap the eye pin around the dowel to shape it, overlapping the loop by 1/4 inch. Clip off the excess wire.

2. String the beads onto the head pins. If using an ornament in the center, make two bead strands. If not using an ornament, make two short strands and one long strand for the center. Clip the head pin wire to 1/4 inch above the top bead. Bend the wire to form a loop.

3. Slide the bead strands and ornament onto the eye pin ring. Bend the last 1/4 inch of the eye pin into a hook that will attach to the loop on the other end of the ring.

What You Need:

Bring the twinkle of icicles to your tree with a dangling ornament.
  • 12 inches of 28-gauge copper wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Small pendant bead and assorted other beads
  • Bead cap


1. Thread the pendant bead onto the copper wire, sliding it to the center of the wire. Fold the wire in half and run it through the remaining beads and the bead cap. Reserve one bead for the top.

2. Turn the remaining (top) bead sideways. Separate the wires and slide them through the bead in opposing directions. Twist the wires together at the top, form a small loop, and twist them together again. Trim away the excess wire.

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