Create beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry for yourself or as a gift. Or repurpose old jewelry into stylish home decor and wall art.

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Colorful Wool Felted Beads

Success lies in the palms of your hands when you roll out colorful felt beads and string them into a bracelet.

Fancy Beaded Lampshade

Give a splash of color to any room with a felt-covered lampshade trimmed with glistening beads.

Beaded Bookmark

Hold your place in your next book with a fun and funky beaded wire bookmark that works up quicker than you can say "Once upon a time."

Elegant Pink Beaded Necklace

Make a simple beaded necklace to match any outfit. Start with our basic directions for making a two-strand necklace, then alter them to fit the beads that catch your eye.

Bead Bracelet for Moms

Create a colorful variation of a birthday bracelet to represent all of your children's birthdays.

Beaded Drop Strings for Jeans

Choose pewter or glass charms to personalize strings of beads and wear them on your favorite jeans!

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Beaded Wineglass Charms

Wrapping your stemware with jewelry looks elegant and helps your companions remember which glass is theirs.

Beads of Every Kind

Take your pick from the hundreds of beautiful bead types that are available for your projects.