Make This Adorable Felt Whale

Perfect for gifting, this handmade felt whale craft is the cutest toy we've ever seen. Make it using simple felting techniques and prepare for a cuteness overload.

These adorable felt sea creatures are so cute - and so easy!

Looking for an easy gift idea? Make this adorable felt whale using wool roving and toy eyes. We'll show you how to form the shape using a simple technique. 

If you've never needle felted animals before, don't fret. You only need a few simple tools, and the process is surprisingly simple. Just make sure you have the right type of needle, and our step-by-step instructions will take care of the rest. 

  • Working Time 1 Hour
  • Start to Finish 1 Hour
  • Difficulty         Projects Kind of Easy
  • Involves Felting

What you need


  • 36- or 38-gauge felting needle


  • Blue wool roving
  • Black wool roving
  • Pink wool roving
  • Black toy eyes (x2)
  • Super glue

How to do it

Step 1 Form the Whale

Fold a 5-inch length of sea foam roving in half; felt with needle. Poke the roving several times to form shape. As you continue to felt with the needle, the shape will begin to appear. A 36- or 38-gauge felting needle is a good, all-purpose needle. The tiny barbs on the end of the needle condense the wool fibers into shape and help form the felt whale pattern. Split the center and felt in for the whale tail. Continue felting until the body is rounded. Add two small pieces of wool roving and felt them on to form the fins. 

Step 2 Add the Face

Add smile with black roving. Gently form the curve of the smile with your felting needle. For the pink cheeks, simply drag the needle carefully across the surface and felt in a small amount of pink wool roving. Create small channels with felting needle for black glass eyes to poke through. Glue eyes into place and let dry.

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