Make these cute felt finger puppets with our easy step-by-step instructions. Customize them with features or accessories to match your own family or friends. Once you've created the puppets, use them to craft a sweet hand-stitched card.


Create an adorable finger puppet family with just a few simple supplies, then use accessories to personalize them. Plus, get a bonus idea for creating a cute family-focused card that's perfect for Mother's Day or Father's Day. 

What you'll need: Printer Paper Pencil Tracing paper Scissors Marking pencil or straight pin Felt (100% wool felt is ideal) Sewing needle Sewing thread Embroidery thread Embroidery needle

Step 1

Print body template on paper. Layer tracing paper over head and body to create hair, hands, clothes, and accessories. Cut out patterns with a scissors, then trace patterns with a marking pencil or use pins to attach directly to felt and cut out. You'll need two pieces for the body.

Get the [button-pdf id="546647" title="free template." /]

Step 2

Assemble hair and accessories to headpiece by using an arm's length of sewing thread and a sewing needle. Start from the backside and use small straight stitches to attach. Repeat with hands and accessories (if created) on body and attach head to body. Create a mouth and eyes using a straight stitch with 3 strands of embroidery thread in colors of your choice.

Step 3

Flip the assembled front piece over and place the plain felt body piece on top. Create the backside of the person using the felt you used for the hair color, and trace around the same hair outline as the front. Stitch the hair to the body.

Step 4

Stitch the back and front sides together using an arm's length of sewing thread and a blanket stitch around the outside, leaving the bottom open. Repeat steps for different family members and pets. Adjust the size to your liking. These can be used as a finger puppet or placed over a long toothpick for a cake or cupcake topper.

Make It: Hand-Stitched Card

A photo of your finger puppet family serves as the base for this sweet hand-stitched card idea. 

To create:  1. Place the felt family portrait on a piece of cardstock in a color of your choice. Photograph them overhead with natural light near a window. Crop the photograph so there is room at the top for stitches.

2. Have photograph printed at a photo center. A matte photograph is ideal for this project.

3. Print the card template on paper and cut out. Place template on top of the photograph (painters tape can hold it in place, if needed) and place on cork or cardboard. Use a pushpin to poke holes on all end points and middle points of the text and poke through to the photograph.

4. Thread 3 strands of embroidery thread in a embroidery needle in a color of your choice. Starting on the backside, poke needle through and leave a tail an inch long. Tape tail to the photograph with clear tape. Use a straight stitch to sew holes until all holes are used. Tape the end piece of thread and trim excess.

5. Trim cardstock slightly larger than your photograph, and adhere photo to cardstock with double-sided tape.


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