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Feathery fern fronds bring different candles and photos into harmony with woodsy texture and hue.
Wrapped in greenery, mismatched candles become a themed set.

Decorated candles like these can be expensive. Save money by making your own using plain candles and fern leaves. You can even use extra candles you have around the house. The leaves will make any group of candles look like a matching set.


1. Choose various white or cream pillar candles, and match them with ferns slightly shorter than each candle. Add tinier fill-in fronds as well.

2. Preview the arrangement, then apply glue to ferns and pat on candle. If ferns curl up, brush glue over the edges.

3. For a permanent display, let the candle melt down until there's a cavity big enough to hold a small tea light or votive candle; burn the tea light and replace as needed.

Soft, wispy ferns give emphasis to the photos without overwhelming them.

Using pressed ferns as decoration, you can give family photos a natural setting. Important small photos are grandly presented in large see-through glass frames.


1. Mount three black-and-white photographs, similar in size and theme, to black paper cut slightly larger than photos. (Use archival-quality paper and glue, or make copies of your original photos and use those.)

2. Place the matted photos on one piece of glass, position fern fronds until they please your eye, and add the second piece of glass on top.


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