12 Craft Room Ideas That Will Spark Creativity

Create a work in a space that’s both beautiful and organized with these innovative ideas.

craft room white cabinets

Emily Followill

If you have a crafty side, it's important to have a designated area to create. Whether you spend your free time stitching easy sewing projects or upcycling thrifted furniture, you should have a space that's free of unnecessary distractions. Plus, storing all your craft supplies in one room will keep clutter from collecting around the rest of the house.

Your tools of the trade should be neatly arranged so you can find them easily when you’re mid-work and so that they remain in good condition. Ample storage and a clear surface space are also important factors in designing a craft room. We've compiled our favorite craft rooms to help you create a work space that's beautiful and inspiring.

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Do it all Desk

craft room blue drawers

Adam Albright

A desk that consists of ample storage space is a crafter’s dream. Everything you need can be found right at your fingertips while you’re hard at work. A generously sized desk usually provides plenty of clear surface space to spread out, while small items can be better organized within desk drawers using inserts, trays, or dividers. They can also be hung up on a nearby pegboard or placed in a desktop caddy for easy access.

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Productive Nook

desk under slanted ceiling

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Many homes have an awkward space that is difficult to utilize or decorate. If you can fit a desk in the space, it just might make the perfect place to craft. Use an odd nook to put a small desk or table with a set of drawers for storing supplies. Add some art to the walls for inspiration alongside a task light to illuminate the space.

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Hideaway Hot Spot

craft room desk with desk chair

Marty Baldwin

If you have limited space or don't spend a lot of time crafting, a drop-down desk could be all that you need to get the job done. Store essentials inside the small slots and cubbies so they’re always there when you’re ready for them. Consider adding a task lamp to the top of the wall mounted piece for better lighting. When you’re not in artistic mode, simply close up shop by folding the table and clearing the walk space.

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Built-In Beauty

craft room white cabinets

Emily Followill

If you’re fortunate enough to have built ins (or handy enough to install custom built-ins yourself) you can create a craft room that has it all. Open shelving can hold art books, buckets of supplies, and rolls of ribbon and paper. A mix of drawers and cabinets can conceal any visual clutter, making it easier to focus on the craft at hand. Add a long, perpendicular table so you have plenty of space to create.

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Cabinet Charm

craft room book shelf

Cameron Sadeghpour

If you're lacking wall space (or patience) for a built-in, keep it simple by adding a standalone cabinet. You can get crafty with a thrifted piece of furniture customized to your liking. Take the upper cabinet doors off and paint the interior in a bright, invigorating shade. Install dowel rods from one end to the other for reams of fabric or rolls of masking tape. Keep the supplies you use the most within reach and, since it’s open, keep it tidy with containers such as baskets and jars.

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Contained Closet

craft closet with quilts

Adam Albright

Store all of your supplies behind closed doors by repurposing a closet. If your home office or guest room has a closet that isn't being used for anything specific, designate the space for craft supplies. A custom closet track system is worth the investment as it will make the most of the square footage and keep things tidy. Opt for a combination of shelves, pegboards, and pull out drawers (with labels) to neatly hold all of your tools of the trade. Leave some room for a rod to hang fabric and cutters, using the inside of the closet door for finished pieces.

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Kids' Craft Center

kids craft table

Carson Downing

Kids love to get creative too, but you might not want them making a mess in your well-organized craft space. Give them their own craft table that can be stored in their room, the playroom, or a den. A small table with side shelving for storage keeps things at their eye level so they can create without stopping to look for supplies. Be sure to include a clothesline and pins to show off their latest masterpieces.

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Garage Glow Up

home office craft room

Dana Gallagher

A converted garage will give you plenty of studio space to create your best work. Floor to ceiling cabinets allow for ample supply storage. Keep things better organized with labels and include a nearby step stool so you can reach higher shelves. A hefty table and a couple of stools allow you to spread out comfortably while in creation mode.

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Creative Cart

cart with crafts and office supplies

Jason Donnelly

No space for a craft room? Make a mobile version that can be stored in any corner of the house. Use containers to corral supplies and an over-the-handle organizer that accommodates hanging baskets or magnetic tins. When you’re ready to get crafty, simply slide it over to an open table so you have a surface to work on.

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Studio Space

craft room table peg wall

Buff Strickland

If you have a large garage space or workshop that can be converted to a craft area, make sure you’re using it to its fullest potential. Sizable shelving units on casters can withstand oodles of materials  and be shifted around with ease if needed. An expansive pegboard can be home to a ton of tools, keeping them visible yet organized. Build picture ledges and arrange colorful supplies, such as paint bottles, or your finished artwork.

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Lofty Goals

craft room in attic

John Gruen

Have an attic or loft area that’s being underused? Convert it into a craft room for the ultimate creative getaway. Bring in a long desk (both for storage and surface space) and place it alongside a wall with natural lighting. Add pendant lights and a wide table in the center of the room for more space to create masterpieces.

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Crafty Corner

craft room office space with white desk

Adam Albright

Carve out a corner in the house dedicated to crafting. Find an L-shaped desk and install floating shelves for how-to books, uplifting decor, and beautiful baskets to house materials. A burlap-covered cork board can keep color or fabric samples handy. Upgrade your workspace by adding fresh greenery.

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