A Potential New Costco Food Court Item Has Fans Questioning the Price

At $9.99, the new sandwich would be the most expensive item on Costco’s famously affordable food court menu.

Fans of Costco’s convenient and budget-friendly food court aren't happy with the price of the recently-added Roast Beef Sandwich. The new sammie is $9.99, the priciest item on the menu. For many shoppers, grabbing an inexpensive meal after a shopping trip is the best part of the Costco experience—where else can you get a hot dog and a soda for $1.50? So it’s no surprise there were some, well, beefs about the higher price of the newest option.

Costco food court menu

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Costco’s newest sandwich debuted at the Lynnwood, Washington, Costco, which is about 30 miles from Costco headquarters; it features sliced roast beef, roasted cherry tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, and onion relish on an artisan roll.

Soon after its launch, social media lit up with outrage—understandable, considering how affordable the rest of the Costco food court menu is. Costco’s Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich is $3.99, the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich is $4.99, and a slice of pizza is $1.99. Reddit commenters compared the price of the new Roast Beef Sandwich to an in-store favorite, the whole rotisserie chicken, which is $4.99 and prized by customers for its flavor, low price, and size (with a side, it can feed a family of four).

Reddit users expressed astonishment about the price of the Roast Beef Sandwich being nearly the same as an entire 18-inch pepperoni pizza, which is $9.95. “Yeah, that’s a little pricey... same price as a whole pizza,” one Redditor commented.

In the wider world of roast beef sandwiches, Costco’s isn’t that pricey compared to some restaurant chains’ offerings. Panera Bread’s Steak and Cheddar Sandwich starts at $13.19 (bacon or avocado are extra). Arby’s newest sandwich, the Steakhouse Garlic Ribye, is just $7, but there aren’t any veggies included. At Denny’s, the Big Dipper Melt, which includes pot roast, grilled onions, and cheese, is $13.99, served with wavy fries and au jus dip. It’s possible a Costco Roast Beef Sandwich paired with their Caesar salad for $3.99 would make a satisfying meal for two, and at a total of $14, that isn’t too expensive. Still, Costco shoppers expect a bargain for their $60-a-year membership, and the $9.99 price for the new sandwich leaves a bad taste in many customers’ mouths.

The potential new item is currently only available at the Lynnwood Costco. So far, there haven't been any details about when or if it will be introduced nationwide. Only time will tell if this item has the staying power of the food court menu’s soft-serve cone, chicken bake, or other beloved—and inexpensive—choices.

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