Costco’s New Bakery Item Is Already a Fan Favorite—and Perfect for Spring

This sweet and tangy pastry is perfect for spring—and it costs just $8.99.

Move over, three-pound cheesecake. Costco’s bakery is serving up another extra-large dessert, and it’s already sparking major buzz among devoted shoppers. This week, the popular Instagram account @costcofans, scoped out a brand new bakery item in their local Costco bakery section: a two-pound lemon blueberry loaf. 

This already-fan favorite is made with lemon batter and fresh blueberries, swirled with buttery streusel, and then finished with tart lemon icing on top. Considering the size of the loaf, it’s priced at a very reasonable $8.99—making it yet another affordable item on Costco’s well-stocked shelves.

Overall, customers who have been able to taste test the loaf have responded enthusiastically.

Lemon-Blueberry Corn Cake with fresh blueberries and lemons

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“Seriously good. Not too sweet…and plenty of blueberries,” one comment on the @costcofans Instagram post reads. In a video posted to @costcohotfinds on TikTok (which now has over 36,000 likes), the creator calls it "so soft" and adds that "the butter streusel gives it a bit of a crunch." She recommends topping it with butter and warming it up in the microwave.

Because it comes in its own baking tin, you can even pop the loaf in the oven to warm the whole thing up. (Just imagine the fresh baked smell in your kitchen without all the work.) If you end up with leftovers, try making it into a lemon-flavored French toast or bread pudding. The citrusy, fruity flavor is summery enough to pair just as well with an iced coffee as it does a hot one.

This isn’t Costco’s first foray into larger-than-life desserts: Customers have previously fallen in love with the 4.75-pound peanut butter chocolate pie, the 2.5-pound tiramisu, and the unparalleled 7-pound chocolate cake.

While the product is currently in select stores only, it will be coming to a store near you soon. Call your local Costco to see if they have it before heading to the store. If you see it, grab two. These loaves are sure to fly off the shelves.

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