A New Costco Food Court Hack Upgrades the Iconic $1.50 Hot Dog

Meet the “Forbidden Glizzy.”

When Costco CFO Richard Galanti announced in September 2022 that the retail giant plans to keep the cost of the hot dog combo at store food courts at $1.50, the price since 1985, “forever,” cheers rang out from loyal (and frugal) Costco customers. But some creative combo fans aren’t content with a simple bun wrapped around their hotdogs: In January, a Reddit user shared a photo of a creation called the “Forbidden Glizzy,” and now Costco members everywhere are putting this modified Costco hot dog (“glizzy” is slang for hot dog) to the test.

Costco hot dog sign in food court

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Costco’s “Forbidden Glizzy” is a combo of the classic hot dog and the food court’s chicken bake: You’ve probably seen (or even eaten) the Costco chicken bake on the food court menu. It combines Costco pizza dough, chicken chunks, Caesar dressing, and three kinds of cheese (Parmesan, mozzarella, and provolone). The dough is sprinkled with Parmesan and baked until it has a slightly crunchy, pizza-like consistency. Sounds delicious, right? The “Forbidden Glizzy” adaptation takes this sandwich one step further by adding a hot dog for a taste-bud-exploding experience—all for the low price of $5.49 (the chicken bake is $3.99).

How to “Make” Costco’s “Forbidden Glizzy”

The first step in making a “Forbidden Glizzy” is to bite the end of the chicken bake, creating a hole in the dough. Next, take your hot dog sans bun and gently push it into the chicken bake sandwich. It’s not an easy process, since the dough is fragile and tends to break, but according to “Forbidden Glizzy” fans, it’s worth the effort. According to those who like this concoction, it’s a decadent, rich, warm sandwich to be savored and enjoyed—maybe not every day, but occasionally. 

Not everyone is thrilled with this hack. Some think the combination of hot dogs and chicken is odd, and others prefer their hot dogs on buns with mustard, ketchup, relish, or onions. The best way to know if you like the “Forbidden Glizzy” is to head to your local Costco and try one.

In the past, fans of Costco hot dogs have wrapped them in cheese from a slice of pizza for another hack that sounds pretty good—but it’s not nearly as complex in flavor as the “Forbidden Glizzy.” It’s unclear if Costco will be adding this item to its iconic menu anytime soon (we think not). For now, the “Forbidden Glizzy” remains an IYKYK item that you’ll have to craft yourself.

What’s next for a Costco food hack? As long as it’s not cheese-wrapped churros, we’re willing to try (almost) anything Costco stans dream up. 

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