Looking to boost your pumpkin-carving game? Ditch the traditional triangle eyes and take things up a notch which these creative patterns. Beware -- with pumpkins like these, your neighbors will expect these tricks and treats every year.

By Shelby Van Slooten

Is it hot in here, or is it just these flaming pumpkins? Perfect to line the walkway, pile high, or decorate the porch, these beauties are simple to carve for the most hypnotic display yet.

Flame Stencil Pattern

Price: Free Download

Creature Features

Bring your pumpkins to life with this easy-to-follow pattern book. Carvings create 3-D creatures to cast shadows in every direction.

Pumpkin Carving Book

Price: $2.99

Dia de los Muertos

Celebrate the Day of the Dead in traditional style with a couple of these sugar skulls. Signifying rebirth, their spooky sweetness will set the tone for your autumn festivities.

Sugar Skull Stencil

Price: $2

Unleash the Spook

As it turns out, all the terror you need for this Halloween decor can be found behind bars. This kit comes with everything you need to transform a pumpkin into a spooktacular skeleton dungeon. 

Skeleton Dungeon Carving Kit

Price: $9.99

First Impressions

Welcome your guests in festive fashion. This Etsy shop produces custom stencils with your last name. Get creative and use spooky words instead of your name to set the tone before guests walk in the door.

Personalized Pumpkin Stencil

Price: $10

A Wistful Grin

We're not quite sure what is on this guy's mind, but we are sure he will be a sweet-natured addition to your entryway. Who can resist those upturned eyes and that goofy smile?

Wistful Grin Pattern

Price: Free Download

Dressed for the Occasion

This ghoulish grin may be a bit spooky, but who can resist a ghost in a top hat?

Top Hat Ghost Pattern

Price: $2



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