Compost bins come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a seasoned composter or new to the eco-friendly act, there's a bin for every level and budget!

Pretty enough to place on your kitchen counter, this compost transforms your leftover food scraps into rich soil for your garden!

Kitchen Compost Bucket

Price: $29.95

Bamboo Pail

Looking for eco-friendly and odor free compost? This real bamboo bin features a charcoal filter that makes unpleasant smells non-existent!

Bamboo Compost Pail

Price: $36

Retro Addition

Composting has never been trendier with this retro can! Crafted with durable galvanized metal, garbage or compost is easily --and stylishly -- contained. 

Mint Retro Galvanized Trash Can

Price: $19.99

Heavy Duty Compost

Built to withstand any kind of weather, this 50 gallon composter stands strong year-round. Features include aeration holes, a handy side door, and a locking top lid to give you the utmost convenience!

Dynamic Stationary Composter

Price: $157.99

Hand Crafted Compost

Efficient and pretty, this compost does it all. Features include convenient handles, roomy interior, and a vented filter holding lid.

Compost Jar with Filter

Price: $88

Room To Breathe

This compost bin is super simple to access and use! It's paneled design helps keeps anything unwanted out while allowing for proper ventilation.

Leisure Season Compost Bin

Price: $125.89

The Classic Compost

Ensure an odor-free kitchen with this compost! Equipped with an activated carbon-coated nylon filter, this stainless steel pail is fit for the countertop.

Stainless Steel Compost Pail

Price: $39.95

Bold Bin

This ceramic compost adds a bright pop of color to your countertop! Features include a charcoal filter that absorbs odor for up to six months.

Ceramic Compost Bin

Price: $34.99



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