Charming Crafts

These creative treasures make lovely gifts as well as sweetly seasonal home décor.

Stamped Muslin Candy Bags
Make your sweetie's favorite candy look even more enticing by delivering it in a hand-designed muslin bag.
Cute Soda Case Wrap
Whether it's soda, wine coolers, or beer, your valentine's favorite drink is easy to upgrade with these simple touches.
Valentine's Day Scratch-Off Hearts Card
Make sure you both get lucky in love with a creative homemade card that displays scratch-off date ideas for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day Scratch-Off Card How-To
See just how easy it is to create a scratch-off valentine for your sweetheart.
Special Delivery Candy Box
Personalize a small candy box with decorative paper and our free downloadable pattern to make a super-sweet gift.
Everlasting Love Paper Bouquet
Create a crepe-paper flower bouquet that could last almost as long as your love.

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